Saturday, September 3, 2011

A call from beyond....offering you a deal you can't resist.

   The phone rang at 10am on a Saturday morning. It was my mother on her cell phone. That is never a good sign. I quickly answered. 
    "You have got to hurry! Get in your car and get down here now!"my mother said loudly over the phone. I could tell she was out of breath.
   "What's wrong mom?" I asked. I was fearing the worst. Heart attack? Stroke? Car wreck? This sounded bad!
    "I'm at the big house down by the park! You have to get her fast!" she said in a pleading voice. She still sounded out of breath.
   "Oh my God mom, what's going on?" I asked as I was getting up to put my shoes on.
   She was silent for a few seconds. Just the labored sound of her breathing was all I could hear. Finally she answered back.
   "It's a huge freaking yard sale and they have a coffin full of Halloween stuff!"

   You know you are a true Halloween Enthusiast when something like that happens. We did hurry down to this yard sale. It was HUGE. There were tons and tons of Halloween and Christmas decorations. Most things were the big plastic yard decorations or stuff for kids, but we found some great things! The coffin was sold by the time we got there, but we still made out like bandits. Most of the items were new and had never been opened. Most of the boxed items still had the receipts from the store stuffed down in them. Our treasures are below :
  • A box with a blow mold skele, a small skele with glow eyes, spare bones, plastic ball and chain, and a severed hand for $3!
  • UV reactive Halloween tapestry just for black light fun $0.50
  • A beware sign for our demon cat  $0.50
  • Poly stone skull 1$
  • Flippers for a swamp monster prop $1
  • Black light $2
  • Suction cup light up evil eyes $1
  • Nice frame to put a lenticular pic in $1
  • Rocking reaper animated $3 (re purposes this into a breathing grave)
  • Animated Grim Reaper $3 (Add a few things to make him a truly awesome prop)
  • Poly stone Halloween Skull light $3 (looks great!)
  • Floating spooky ghost $3(add some cheese cloth and UV paint for the next best thing to a crank ghost)
  • Haunted Candelabra $5 (this looked really wicKED in the dark!)
  • Gothic Lantern $8 (One of those fans with a silk flame that looks SUPER real!)

   There was also one of those great animated mirrors that is motion activated and a skeleton appears behind the glass and screams at you...... but my mom bought it and would not part with it......
   We headed on to CVS where we picked up 4 clearance summer glasses for fifty cents each. They are UV reactive and the summery flowers pop right off.
  Then ended up getting some UV reactive shot glasses and test tube shots at Dollar Tree (gonna have to make another rack for the tubes).  Miranda grabbed a skull ice mold to make jello shots.


   It was a great haul! Now we are heading to the back yard to play with dead things.....well.... things that LOOK dead.


  1. Why do I feel like I just rode along for a Halloween shopping spree?

  2. It was like Christmas morning I tell ya! ;)


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