Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vampires, Zombies, and grave robbers OH MY!

   Strange news has been piling up on my desk for a week now. Most of it seems appropriate for this time of year. I thought I would drop a post today to review some of the crazy stuff going on in the world as well as some more mundane things in my own wicKED world.
   Let's start with the mild, namely personal stuff. We managed to dig out a few things last night in prep for the wicKED weeKEnD of decorating. Among them was a jack-o.
   Emma from the Little Gothic Horrors blog wanted to see my re-proposed stand with a jack-o so I obliged:

   Another great suggestion from Marilyn Girling of the art bliss blog gave me a great suggestion for a crystal ball like effect. Here is the outcome of that suggestion : 

   Love the glow it has in the dark. Gonna try it with a black or blue light later!

    Later today I will be pulling out close to 75 totes of Halloween as well as several large static props from my out building. Part of doing this is repair. Several of the scarecrows need extensive repairs and some need to be redone completely. Repair is always going to be a part of Halloween prep. Case in point, I have had to use a soldering iron to repair some of my old spirit electronic items (haunters this is a great thing to have if you think you can manage soldering wires to a circuit board, it will save you big cash on replacement).
   On this Autumn Equinox Eve, I sit here with equal parts dread and anticipation of the un-decorating and re decorating of the yard and house. This evening will be full of  lots of moving and staging in prep. I am glad I am not going into this alone!

   That about sums up all the personal news from me. Except for my Jason prop startling me every single morning in the guest bathroom.

   I should leave myself a note reminding me he is stored there.

   Moving on to other wicKED news, Nicolas Cage is a vampire :

   According to antiques dealer, Jack Mord, Cage is an undead blood sucker. Mord listed a picture of a man from Bristol Tennessee (my neck of the woods) dating back to 1870 who he claims is unmistakably the modern day actor. He goes on to suggest that Cage looks untouched by the hands of time over his many years in the lime light and that as a vampire, he "reinvents" himself every 75 years or so. Mord was asking for $1 millions dollars for the picture proving the actors undead existence.
   I have seen Nicolas Cage's performance in "Vampire's Kiss". That performance proves to me he is in no way a vampire. That, or a clever performance to throw would be hunters off his trail... hmmm.
  To make this an even stranger tale, the listing on ebay has completely disappeared without a trace and Jack Mord has been unavailable for comment. Could Cage be draining the man in a dark cave somewhere? Most likely he has just kidnapped the antiques dealer and is forcing him to watch  "Ghost Rider" over and over.

     Another creepy news tidbit comes from close to my home as well. This is a strange case of hearse stealing and body snatching:

    According to Beckley West Virginia Police, a woman jumped in a hearse and took off with a body in the back.

   The woman, Angela Dehart of Beaver West Virginia, had grown tired of riding with a male companion and jumped out of his car. She came upon the hearse with the door ajar and engine running, and decided to cruise in seasonal style. Unfortunately, the cadaver of an 85 year old woman was in the back of the hearse when it was jacked.
   A friend of Angela Dehart called police when he saw her pull up with a black hearse in front of his home.  Police arrived to find the hearse and the body of the woman, who had fallen off the gurney on her side.  This social reject now faces two felony charges for grand larceny and displacement of a dead body.
    Too bad there is not a law against being a dumbass.... maybe she will get haunted!

   Now we move to news from far across the pond in Ireland where archaeologist have uncovered two 8th century bodies buried with stones in their mouths.
   Apparently back in the day, this was a sure fire way to prevent the undead from coming back and "chewing" through the grave to feed on the living.  The stones were quite large and "violently" shoved into the mouths of the dead men. 

   The excavation site contained over 3000 bodies, but these were the only two found with this preventive measure. They were also side by side which would suggest this was not an accidental death for these two souls.
   If only the ancient Irish had saw "Night of the Living Dead", they would have been better prepared to handle these two miscreants.
   That about does it for this post. Time to start moving totes of Halloween goodness. Hope everybody has a wicKED Friday/Autumn Equinox Eve.


  1. I can't wait to see everything when you have it all ready!

    That Jason prop is totally insane...I LOVE it!

  2. Tomorrow is the big day! We are working like dogs to prep for it. The Jason prop has become a mascot for us. He always scares people at Halloween because they just KNOW that is somebody in there. Great distraction. You will be seeing much more of him in the coming days!

  3. I do love the Jack-o-Lantern, but the glow ball is extremely cool, too! You're spoilt for choice!!

    The Jason prop looks very creepy behind the shower curtain. Lucky there is a toilet handy in case you give any of your guests too much of a fright!!

    It would have been poetic justice if the corpse had sat up in her coffin and tapped that idiot woman on the shoulder while she was driving.

    Oh yes, and Nicolas Cage... I bet he's loving this story doing the rounds!!

  4. I may just have to switch it up. As for Jason, sadly he must go to make room for an even better prop, the Grim Peeper! I can't wait to get him out of storage. As for Cage, you know what they say, bad publicity is still publicity.

  5. The glow ball looks amazing! I'm so glad you gave it a try. You have so many choices to put on the stand now, whichever suits your mood. The story about the corpse reminded me of the skeleton found in Venice in 2009. I actually found the article - fascinating read.
    I can't wait to see your decs all up and running. Have a wonderful Autumnal Equinox whilst you release all those props from their resting places;)

  6. Haha! "the Grim Peeper!" That reminds me of the boy who lived next door when I was a teenager.


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