The wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party of 2011

Zombie Sheriff and freshly bitten Saloon Gal.

Zombie man and Vampire in Denial (She refused to say she dressed as a vamp)

Mrs Krueger (lost her pants!), Miranda, and a tall witch.

The Goddess Venus

Farticus the Spartan

He brought us tickets to the gun show.

Horny Guy, The lord of dimness, king of the darned and ruler  heck, The executioner and Miranda.

The Dim Lord is a hit with the ladies.

Dog the Bounty hunter and Beth.

Mmmm brain food!

Brain under glass!

The special.

Did not have time to make the face look good, but it got eaten!

Peanut butter balls

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Quesso Cheese and Salsa Verde

White chocolate dipped pretzels. 

Zombie Vomit (Spinach Dip) and Dried Bat wings (blue corn chips)

Bone Chips (potato chips) Raunchy Ranch (Green ranch dip) and Witch Warts (fried Pickles)

Embalming Juice! Beware if you sip it!

The cauldron right before I made Blood Punch

shhh it's sleeping!

Even the fish tank is festive.

Stay away from grandpa, he bites since we dug him up.

Sinister group.

Jeepers Creepers was ready for the guests to come out of the potty.

That is one skinny witch.

Camp Crystal Lake fire pit area.

Jason gathering wood.

Not a good thing to see out your kitchen window.