Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miranda VS Jason Voorhees.

   I was busy today inserting a PVC structure in my wire dummy Jason. It worked out pretty well but I still have a ways to go with him. I still needed to test him out under fire but I did not know how.
   It was almost time for Miranda to come home so I grabbed the video cam and set it up to capture my Jason props 2011 debut.

   I think it went very well. For some reason Miranda will not comment. I hope she is not mad at Jason... she will be seeing him quite a bit over the next few weeks....


  1. Too funny! She said EXACTLY what I would have said. Love her reaction. I hope you made up after, it's a tough life being married to a Halloween least that's what my husband says! Happy Haunting;)

  2. I am thankful she is really into Halloween... I just think I am the dominate one. Thanks for the support!


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