Halloween 2010


  1. great decorating but awwwww the poooor cat

  2. You are really good my father and I do similar stuff like you we scare every year but we dont scare the little kids but the big kids you can scare the beegeeebersss outa them.
    Here is a tip make a big black tunnel outa your torch and dress in all black. You will blend into the wall and put the candy near the back but visible. One time when they were looking torwards me I turned my head and they ran away my dad went up to them and said, " what's wrong." and they said, "there is something in there!" They looked too old to go trick or treating so I gave them a lesson. Another thing to do is wait for them to ring the door bell then creep up behind them and when they turn around aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    hehe I wuv Halloween!


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