Sunday, September 25, 2011

wicKED weeKEnD wrap up and sneak peek!

   It has been an eventful weeKEnD for sure. We have worked ever since early Friday morning and I estimate we are only about 50% complete on getting everything out. I once had a "friend" comment that I had enough decorations for a mansion but lived in a prefab. The way I look at it, through fate, fame, or finance, I will one day have a big old house to haunt. When that day arrives, I will be so ready.

   One of the major accomplishments we hit was the best addition to our yard haunt to date. It has one eye, can see in the dark, and is 10 feet tall.

   Peace of mind will go a long ways for the haunt this year. 

   We also managed to get out of the house once and Miranda found a set of Zombie President masks at Kmart.

   It has been a great Season Switching weeKEnD. We threw away so much stuff to make room for our new Halloween stuff. I have made lots of sacrifices for my passions over the years, but Halloween takes the cake. Can't even tell you the stuff that is sitting at the curb, waiting for pick up, just to be able to fit a few more Halloween totes in the building as we collect even more. I bet the trash men think we are moving out from the pile of stuff waiting for them in the morning.
   As for only being 50% complete, half the fun is the journey. Even when I do get everything up and out, I always gradually add more items as we get closer to the Halloween party and then on Halloween night, the creepy things crawl out of the wood works. Literally!

   One person that was not pleased with Season Switching was Mr pond frog.

   I hope he forgives us. 

   As I wrap up this post, here is the sneak peek at Ye Olde Meade Manor 2011. There will be much more to come as we get closer to Halloween. 
Grimace welcomes you

Gotta love a Pumpkin on a coffin.

   We were lucky enough to have the expertise of our Demon cat Lilly.

She had to make sure everything was in the right place.

We are pretty sure that Lilly is turning into a vampire also.

   Still lots of stuff to do. Lots of totes to still open and explore. LOTS of DIY projects on the list as well. I better stop blogging and get back to it. Hope everybody had a wicKED weeKEnD!


  1. Love all your decorations. One of these days I will be able to go all out for Halloween. Our neighbors complain if there are too many "evil looking" things. I guess they don't like scary.

    Don't let Lilly suck you dry!!!

  2. Good luck on your projects! A vampire cat is my dream cat!


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