Thursday, July 31, 2014

wicKED (kinda) Wants : Grandin Road

Let's be honest...Grandin Road is PRICEY, a little generic, and they outright rip off Halloween artists, but they sure can set a scene.

The rip off comes every year. This year I spied 2 items that were blatant rip offs.

I have seen this tutorial for many years and here it is in for sale in all it's overpriced glory!

This vampire family looks very familiar....Perhaps from a Nutrigrain commercial???

You be the judge.

There were a few items that caught my attention, especially since they had videos to back them up.

Fire and ice spotlight looks really cool and I could imagine fireplaces, cauldrons, even burning room with a screaming silhouette coming from this baby.

These fire and ice lanterns are also very appealing to me.

Ghost Girl

Flaming Pumpkins

Tree Face and Arms

Black Cat Skele

A remarkably well animated swamp witch

Creepy ghost bride AND skeletal hand curtain tie back!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

wicKED Wants : Pottery Barn

A few items to put on the wish list for Halloween this year...compliments of  Pottery Barn

Thanks to my good friend Cindy for the heads up!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kirklands has a few "Must Have" items for me this year..

Kirklands is a favorite year round store for me. While the website is not officially updated for the 2014 Halloween season, they do have a bunch of NEW items for Halloween. Here are a few that caught my eye, especially the LED Canvases that I MUST add to my collections!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Signs of the Season...Haunted Actor Calls

You can always tell when halloween is getting close when you see the call for haunt actors from one of our local haunts....I really dig the theme this year! A little Dead and Breakfast is just what the doctor ordered. Hope they deliver this year!

BackWoods Haunted House presents THE HARVEST INN .....
CASTING CALL NEEDING volunteer ACTORS 16 years and up and makeup artist pm me if you think you would be interested ......... add us on Facebook to get all updates..... By the notes, votes, and messages I got ......This years theme will be ....."The Harvest Inn".... 

Stress from work/home can bring you down and everyone needs a little tlc, right?
You find yourself driving, looking for that perfect getaway.. You drive up to what appears to be a mom and pops bed and breakfast. "This is the spot", you think to yourself. Looking forward to that weekend rest.. The sign out front reads, "The Harvest Inn", but there's a dark part to this bed and breakfast! What appears to be a cozy weekend getaway joint is actually an abandon slaughter house called Hog Jaw Meats! 
You have now become part of this years harvest! After all, hill people gotta eat too...right? 
Welcome to The Harvest Inn... Dead and Breakfast, where the orange juice is hand squeezed  and the sausage is so was screaming for help less than an hour ago!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

wicKED Wants

Never been a fan of Pier 1 for Halloween...but this lantern they are offering for 2014 is a MUST have!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super Moon... you are just so SUPER!

A few of the photos of the July 2014 Super Moon. I was playing around with settings.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers at night, may become a wolf when the wolfsbane bloom and the moon is bright....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

wicKED Works (Fireworks that is)

 A few of the best pictures of our home town fireworks display. The halfmoon was in every shot FYI.

It was a beautiful night for fireworks. Snapped this while the wife and I waited on our best friends to pick us up.
Sunset was beautiful as well.

My friend, Adam, was very annoyed that the moon was in the way of the display. He tried to move it...unsuccessfully.

We also managed to have a HUGE birthday party for M over the weekend.

It was a TON of fun!

If you are really interested, you can find more pictures on my Facebook. Now M and I are headed to Roanoke VA for a business trip. Hope we find wicKED things on the way.