Monday, September 5, 2011

With a ghastly shriek.... the monstrosity willed itself into being!

   It's desire to exist almost outweighed it's hunger for human flesh. Pulling together bones made from newspaper and wire , it slowly takes form. Silvery strips of duct tape slither forth to form tendon and muscle. It's newly formed talons claw at the ground in search of a suitable receptacle for it's evil intelligence. The bony appendages slide over a nearby plastic Halloween skull. The claws eagerly clutch the orb as the torso shivers in hideous anticipation. The skull was a mere child's toy a few moments ago. Now it houses the vile essence of a creature that should not be! As an unearthly shriek emanates from it's newly acquired head, it drags itself along in search of it's next component to bring itself further into reality. 


Well that or some newspaper and carpet glue... maybe some paper towels and elmer's.

   What a way to spend Labor day, laboring away on our zombies. If the rain breaks,  we will try to suitably dress them in some fine paper and glue skin with a hint of summer tan coming from wood stain. Hope all of my readers are having a wicKED Labor day. 

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