Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is National Hug a Cat Day

 Get out there and hug your feline friends today.

Doesn't matter if they are big:

or small:

or tiny:

Just show your 4 legged friends the love!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope all my readers celebrate the day with family and friends.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #25

*Two strangers are sitting in the very back of a crowded  LAX to ATL flight. Half way through their 6 hour trip, boredom kicks in and they start up idle conversation*

Bored passenger: I really hate to fly. I am terrified of it.

Jovial passenger: Not me. I love it. Why do you hate it so?

Bored passenger: All the risks of what can go wrong. Missed flights, lost luggage, illness. Plus the feeling of being confined in this tight being trapped in a small room! Not to mention, I have been living in fear of terrorist since 9/11.

Jovial passenger: Well as for me, I like the confined space. It helps to contain the possible chaos. I thrive on the chaos! The possibility for something horrible to go wrong is my bread and butter. It’s almost like gambling for high stakes for me. You really shouldn’t worry about bombs and such. They have so many new tech gadgets out there that it is near impossible for that to happen anymore.

Bored passenger: Oh? Is that so? Do you know  much about these things?

Jovial passenger: Oh yes, in fact, I have studied airport security for years now. I know every piece of hardware they use, what can and can’t get on board, and all their procedures.

Bored passenger: Wow, you sound like a master criminal or a terrorist ha ha. You don’t intend to blow us all up do you? Ha ha?

Jovial passenger: Oh good heavens no! Never anything so crass as that! A bomb would never make it onto the plane my good man.

*The jovial man continues the conversation as he shuffles his feet to reveal a small duffel bag between them.*

Jovial passenger: Take for example my carry on bag. It passes through 15 sensors at least before coming on the plan with me. It passes by bomb sniffing dogs and machinery. Even a simple metal detector would catch it if I were bringing a bomb on board.

Bored passenger: I see. You really do know your stuff.

Jovial passenger: I do indeed. Let’s say I wanted to create chaos and I was one of these “terrorist” as you asked earlier. I would have to mastermind a plan to get something terribly damaging, disrupting, and potentially deadly on this plane, all condensed down to the size of my duffel bag at my feet. Now, let’s say I beat the 1 out of 100 chance of getting my “chaos package” on board the plane without being searched. I would then have to find a way to deliver this terrible payload remotely without hurting myself. Maybe even placing the blame on another passenger so that in the unlikely event this “chaos package” did not bring the plane down, it would leave me free and alive to do it again another day. It blows the mind how all of this could come together as a plan. Wouldn’t you say so?

*The grinning man pats the duffel bag at his feet reassuringly*

Bored passenger: Uhh….yeah…if you say so. I honestly do not know if I should feel reassured or terrified.

Jovial passenger: Oh come now, don’t be silly! I was just having a bit of fun with you. Things like that only happen in the movies and in books. Now, if you will excuse me.... my in flight meal is not sitting comfortably with me and I must be excused for about 15 minutes to the rest room.

*The grinning man gets up and heads to the nearby rest room, leaving his duffel in the floor. He enters the lavatory and locks the door behind him, leaving one very worried and confused passenger sitting alone. The remaining passenger talks to himself nervously as he continues to eye the duffel bag with dread.*

Bored passenger: There is nothing in there……he was just pulling my leg. There really is tight security at airports. That man was just having some fun with me at my own expense. ……DAMNIT!  That duffel bag looks like it's bursting at the seams full! What if he really is a crazed terrorist and he managed to get something on board that could hurt us?

*Curiosity and worry get the best of him. He figures a quick peek for his peace of mind will not hurt anything so he reaches down and slides the duffel bag over to his feet. He grabs the zipper as he notices that the bag is vibrating strangely! Fear takes over as he grabs for the zipper. He is shocked when the zipper pops off in his hands as if it were designed to do just that, leaving no way to reseal the bag and leaving it fully opened. Ice cold horror seeps into his very soul as he sees the contents of the bag!*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fact or Faked brings you the latest paranormal news from 5 years ago!

    In the latest Episode of Fact or Faked (Season 2 - Episode 218) Reptile Rampage/Gasoline Ghoul, the team brings you evidence that first surfaced back in 2007. Both of these bits of evidence have been debunked by professional and amateur investigators alike...all of them doing a better job, in my opinion. Just Google, "Gas station ghost" and "Lizardman" and you will find endless videos debunking the hell out of this 5 year old evidence.
    The History Channel's Monsterquest did episodes on both of these reports (strangely enough). These superb episodes used DNA analysis and video experts to assist with the investigation without dressing up in any costumes. Here are those videos now:

   At this point I have to ask the question, Does the research team at Fact or Faked think that nobody ever watches the History Channel or that the viewers are so clueless that they will forget this has already been done?  At this point we could rename "Fact or Faked" to "Recent or Rerun" due to the fact they simply are just showing us poorly compiled copies of Monsterquest shows. 
   What seems even more awful to me is that SyFy's own Destination truth did the exact same investigation on the exact same lizard evidence in 2010. Link HERE.

   They are even ripping off/recycling their own shows! I am sad to say that I only watch Fact or Faked to see what they screw up next instead of the truly great TV show it promised it could be. 

   Tune in next week for Fact or Faked where the team will be investigating evidence of an alien race of robots that can literary hide among us as ordinary looking items:

Then the team will head out to Rhode Island where they will try to debunk the existence of an ancient vampire that supposedly lived in a great mansion there back in the 70's:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Ghosts of Williams Hollow Road.

   For those of you that are regular readers of my blog, you will recall that I live in the country farmlands of Virginia. This area is littered with old hollows or "hollers" as locals call them. Many of them have frightful histories of murder, monsters, and ghosts stories. Williams Hollow Road is one such place.

   Our tale takes place during the late 1930's to early 1940's. Unfortunately most of the facts of this story have faded with time. I can't be sure of exact dates or names but only the heart of the legend itself.
    There was a family that had lived back on Williams Hollow for many years. They were reclusive people that did not get out and around the other township often. This was due mostly in part to the couples only son.

   He was reported to be ," Monstrous in both his looks and his actions". The young boy was somehow hideously deformed and most likely shunned and shamed by his own family. Living way back in the hollow gave them some protection from outside ridicule.

   The town of Big Stone Gap known for it's iron and coal mining, and as such attracted many job seekers from the north. One such family had relocated to this area for just such a reason. This new family consisted of a hard working father who had ties to the railroad, a loving mother, and their beautiful daughter of age 6. They purchased a plot of land at the far end of Williams Hollow and started their new life.
   As it was, the "monster boy" was intrigued by this new family who set up housekeeping in his neck of the woods, especially the young daughter. He was fascinated and confused by this new family. Their actions, laughter, and love made him both eager to learn more, and angry that he had never had such a life. The more he watched this family from the darkness of the surrounding woods, the more he longed to be involved. On one such occasion, he found the little girl playing alone and approached her. She was frightened by his hideous appearance and screamed for her father. He ran the "monster boy" off with a few firm lashes from a hedge switch. This of course, did not set well with the mentally unstable boy.
   The "monster boy" kept watching the family and the little girl from the safety of the forest as his anger grew. One day he found the little girl walking alone down Williams Hollow Road. She may have been headed into town, to the general store near Cadet, or just down to the river to play. The only thing to be certain of was she was alone, and being followed by one very confused creature.

  The family never saw their daughter again. Her bloody clothes were located by the river at the end of the road where apparently the backwards boy had beaten and then drowned the poor child. As the story goes, the father of the little girl went into a rage, located the "monster boy" and beat him to death in the woods where he found him. 
    That would be the end of a very tragic tale if it were not for the multiple sightings of ghosts on the road to this very day. 
    Williams Hollow Road is a popular parking spot for teenagers looking to escape the watchful eyes of parents. Many have reported feeling something watching them from the trees. Others have even seen a small child like apparition walking down the hollow. The small ghost seems to almost be walking backwards as if the spirit feels the presence of something watching and following it down the road. This leads many people to believe that the spirit of the slain child is forever being stalked to the river by the cruel ghost of the deformed boy who killed her. Perhaps the feeling of being watched is the ghost of the "monster boy" looking into the cars with envy and a little anger at the normal people who invade his home? 

   I have had this story sitting on my computer for almost a year now. I had intended to post it closer to Halloween, but as fate would have it, I received an email from a local resident, Sarah Chandler, who stumbled upon my Blog while searching for this very legend. Sarah went on to recount an experience from one of her friends :

"My friend's sister's boyfriend walked in on us telling ghost stories one night and said, "Why tell stories when you can see the real thing". So we all loaded up in the car and headed to Williams Hollow Road. He drove us all the way up the dark road until it ended and then turned around. About a quarter of the way down he stopped and said to wait a few and look up the embankment. We waited about 15 mins and you could see this thing walking down the embankment. The closer it got the more it looked like a child. The child looked in the opposite direction the whole way down until it got beside the car. As soon as it did it looked over at us. I was so scared that I just kept hitting the car seat and screaming go go go....."
"A few weeks later I was telling a close friend of mine this story. He said that his dad told him that when he was younger he would go there parking and it felt as if someone was watching him..."

   Thank you Sarah for sharing with us. So, is Williams Hollow Road truly haunted? There is only one sure way to find out. Just head down to Williams Hollow at night, park your car, and keep your eyes open. You never know what you might find.....or.......what might find you!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #24

*Two lifelong friends are taking a much needed getaway in the Appalachia Mountains at a private cabin. They have told family and friends alike they are away on business so they will not be disturbed and they can truly be away from modern day issues like cell phones, TV, and politics. It's just past midnight and the friends are in a heated debate over life after death.*

Practical friend: You cannot make me believe there are such a thing as ghost, no matter how hard you try!

Believing friend: How can you say that? I have seen things with my own eyes that make me a believer. Have you seen things that make you certain they don’t exists?

Practical friend: There would be proof by now if there was such a thing. Modern science would have found a way to reveal them.

Believing friend: Not true. Animals, that scientist have thought dead for thousands of years , are discovered every day in remote parts of the world. Ghosts are so far removed from this world, they could not possibly know how to find them, but ghosts do exist.

Practical friend: Listen, I am a man deeply rooted in reality. I have studied almost every NCIS tv show and forensic science special known to man. With all the grizzly murders that happen every day, would you not think that the vengeful spirits would haunt those murderers? Especially those that get away with it?

Believing friend: Who's to say they don’t? Maybe these murders are haunted to the point of insanity by the ghosts, or the ghosts come back and “get them” that is why they are never found out by the police. Maybe the nature of a murderer makes them so evil that they cannot see a ghost at all.

Practical friend: That is completely preposterous!

Believing friend: Prove that I am wrong then!

*The unbelieving friend reached into his pocket and pulls out a small pistol. In the blink of an eye he squeezes off 5 shots into the chest of his friend. The mortally wounded man slumps out of his chair and onto the floor as he stares up at his murderer. Still holding the gun, the deadly friend gets on his knees and lowers his head down to the dying man’s ear, as if to wihisper.*

Practical friend: No my dear friend….you prove me wrong!..........I will be waiting.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Halloween world says goodbye to Professor Evil AKA Rik Cary


   I was deeply saddened to learn that Professor Evil (aka Rik Cary) of had passed away this last weekend. I have been a huge fan of Hauntproject and almost all of my creations have a design I gleaned from that sites multitude of DIY plans. His passing has left a huge void in the Home Haunter and Halloween community at large. My thoughts go out to his friends and family. He will be greatly missed!

   I hope that somebody is able to rise up and accept the mantle that was his to administer the site of Halloween excellence and continue his enormous legacy to us all. You can check out his personal work on his blog, Here is his 2011 creation:

Here are just a few of his creations from 2010. He had a real eye for lighting.

Farewell Professor Evil. May this be the beginning of many great journeys.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #23

*A frustrated father slams the bedroom door of his twelve year old daughter as he leaves her room. The daughter can still be heard crying softly as he returns to his bedroom and his waiting wife, who is already in bed. He starts pacing back and forth as he vents to his wife.*

Frustrated father: I’m telling you this whole “scary ghost woman” thing has to stop. Every night it is the same thing. She sees her outside her window or outside her door and she threatens to take her soul and hurt her parents! It’s very frustrating! Our daughter is going to be the death of me.

Consoling mother: I’m sorry honey. I am sure she will grow out of it soon.

Frustrated father: Not soon enough. She is already too old for this kind of thing!

Consoling mother: Just be patient dear.

Frustrated father: This has gone on every night since we moved into this place. Over two months now!

Consoling mother: Honey…..I need to ask you some questions….. and I want you to answer me very calmly. Just stand perfectly still, look at me, and answer me in a very normal tone……. Ok?

Frustrated father: Ok? I guess.

Consoling mother: Good….. now…..did she ever mention to you…..what this…ghost woman…..looked like exactly?

Frustrated father: Yeah all the time why?

Consoling mother: Did the woman she see……have crazy looking eyes….each a different color?

Frustrated father: Yes she did mention that.

Consoling mother: Did….this….woman have….sores on her face?

Frustrated father: Oh yes, she always mentions that.

Consoling mother: Would she ……happen to have…..crooked yellow teeth and scraggly, greasy hair?

Frustrated father: Dear lord honey, you have just described the “scary ghost woman” our daughter has been seeing every night. Do you know somebody like that?

Consoling mother: ……No…….

Frustrated father: Then how did you know what she looks like?

Consoling mother: Because she is sneaking up on you from the hallway right now!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #22

* A young man who was on an Amazon conservation expedition had found 2 injured blue macaws in a poacher’s camp. These rare birds are sought after by poachers to sell as high dollar pets. He nursed them back to health and, due to his work background, was allowed to keep the now domesticated rare birds for himself. He planned on heading back to his parent’s house in America so he has them shipped ahead of his visit. He sends a message to his parents explaining how rare the birds are and one is for them and he will keep the other. A few days later, the young man arrives from his long journey at his parent’s home. *

Mother: Oh honey, you are so late, we thought you weren’t going to get here.

Young man: There was a delay at the gate and we sat on the runway for 2 hours! It is so good to see you!

Mother: Well dinner is almost cold! Come sit down and let’s eat and we can talk all about it!

*The young man and his mother enter the dinning room where his father is already seated at the table preparing for dinner. The young man takes a seat at the table.*

Father: Good to see you son! I was afraid I was going to have to eat without you!

Young man: Never fear! I am here now and we can let the feast begin.

*The mother quickly brings out steaming hot bowls of delicious smelling food as the family makes idle chit chat. *

Young man: So father, did you all get the birds I sent?

Father: Sure did! Boy they were some loud ones. We haven’t seen live birds since I was a boy back on the farm.

Young man: Did you manage them ok? I tried to get here fast so you would not have to deal with them long.

Father: Oh yes, we had no problems at all.

Young man: I would love to see them.

Father: Well, here they are now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #21

*A woman is happily preparing some apples to bake into pies. She can't find the cinnamon and is diligently digging in the back of her cabinets to see if she has any, but alas she is out. Her doorbell rings as she finishes the futile search. Answering the door, she finds her next door neighbor. He is a very strange man that keeps to himself mostly, which she preferred because he gave her a general unsettling feeling. Whenever she notices him around the neighborhood, he always seems to be staring at her in a very odd manner.*

Baking woman: Well hello there. Can I help you?

Neighbor: I couldn’t help but notice from the smell coming from your kitchen that you are making pies. I could smell them from my back porch.

Baking woman: Oh? You could tell that from the smell?

Neighbor : Yes and I could tell you did not have enough cinnamon in them so I brought you some over.

Baking woman: Wow! You must have one super nose to detect that. Here, let me pay you for that. I insist.

*Not wishing to be rude she beckons for the man to enter into the living room. She hurries off to get her purse to pay for the cinnamon because she did not want to have a debt with this very odd fellow. She quickly returns to the living room to find the man looking though her movie collection.*

Baking woman: Here we go. Five dollars should cover it.

Neighbor: Thanks...... I hate to impose, but could I borrow this movie here?

Baking woman: Well, I was watching that last night and got too sleepy to finish it so I cut it off, but I suppose you can.

Neighbor: Oh I know, I was watching it with you and I was really into it.

Baking woman: What? How were you watching it with me?

Neighbor: I noticed you starting the movie so I sat down by your back window.

Baking woman: You were what? Why were you doing that?

Neighbor: I didn’t want to bother you and it looked like a good movie so I just pulled up a lawn chair outside your window and watched it ….. with you.

Baking woman: That is just creepy! You did not watch the movie with me! You sat outside my window and watched me watch a movie! I think that is over the line! You should not do that to people!

Neighbor: I am sorry, I truly am.

Baking woman: Being sorry is not ok! That just bothers me. You have no right to do that to me. That’s probably how you knew I was out of cinnamon, you were watching me bake! That is just as bad as sneaking in my house at night and watching me sleep! 

Neighbor: About that…You really should have a doctor check out that mole on your lower back……

Monday, May 14, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #20

*A married couple was having a huge fight in front of their 16 year old son. The fight was centered around Mother’s Day. They had argued for weeks about how they would handle the event, but it was now the day before the holiday and things were getting very heated. The wife’s mother had passed away a few years ago and she wanted to drive two hours to visit the grave first. The husband wanted to go visit his still living mother first, who just happened to live 2 hours in the opposite direction. They both made valid arguments but it still lead to an all out fight with both parties saying horrible things to one another. After a solid hour of fighting, the couple agreed to disagree and they would both go their separate ways in the morning. The husband would spend the day with his mother and the wife would drive out and pay her respects at the cemetery. They left it up their son to decide whom he would choose to go with. The husband headed off to sleep on the couch as the wife stormed off upstairs. The next morning, the family meets in the kitchen.*

Son: Before anybody has a chance to start arguing again, I wanted to say I am not happy at all the way you acted. I really don’t appreciate you both putting me in the middle and making me choose who I want to visit today. I loved both my grandparents, and I want to show my respect and love for them both.

Husband: You’re right. We acted horrible.

Wife: I’m sorry we did that.

Son: You both are always telling me to find common ground in an argument and seek out a compromise rather than be a child and walk away mad. You both should practice what you preach. 

Wife: You are so right dear. I feel awful about how we acted.

Son: We are a family and we should do everything as a family. Since neither of you seem capable of being the adult here and coming up with a compromise that would be fair to us all, I took matters into my own hands and found a solution. 

Husband: Oh you did? What did you come up with son?

Son: It took most of the night, but I think my decision is fair for all. Now we can visit both of your mothers together at the same time.

Wife: What are you talking about? How is that possible?

Son: I brought both my grandmothers together. Dad, your mom is with her mom now.

Husband: WHAT! Oh my Lord! What have you done? Are you insane? You buried my mother?

Son: Please dad! That is absolutely crazy! I would never harm a hair on grandma's head! Last night I drove out and got grandma and brought her back here. She is waiting for us out in the garage as we speak.

Wife: That is a bit odd honey, but how does that bring us to a common ground compromise. We still have to drive for 2 hours to visit my mother’s grave.

Son: Nope! I went and got her too! I told you they were together…..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Time for some Monster Moms!

   I wanted to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. Especially my very own wicKED mom, to whom I owe everything. Thanks for taking care of me and raising me up to be the twisted, dark, Halloween loving creature I am today.

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would do a picture post about all the monstrous mothers, mother-in-laws, and step-mothers out there. Hope all you mothers enjoy!

Possessed mother from "The Devil Inside"

Creepy mom from "Sleepwalkers"

Crazy political mom.

Damien's mother from "The Omen" 

Wicked Stepmother from "Once Upon a Time"

T-rex mom.

Mothra mother.
Mother from "The Exorcist" 

Mother Lovers

Blade's mother.

The babies momma "Rosemary's Baby"

Mother of all vampires from "Queen of the Damned"

"The Amityville Horror" original horror mother.

Grendel's mother from "Beowulf"

Echidna, the mother of all monsters from Greek Mythology

Zombie Apocalypse mother. "The Walking Dead"

Man Eating Mother 

"Poltergeist" mom swimming with a new friend.

"My Moms a Werewolf"

Mother of Jason Voorhees

Mother of Freddy Krueger

Reanimated mother from "Pet Sematary "

Ghost Mother

"The Ring"

Abby Borden. Step-mother of Lizzie Borden. 

Crazy next door neighbor mother "American Horror Story"

Norman Bates as his mother "Psycho"

Dog fighting mother from "Cujo"

Mutant mother Mystique "Xmen"

Eve, the mother of all monsters."Supernatural"

I'm not your mother... yet! "Fatal Attraction" 


Mrs Henderson from, "Harry and the Hendersons"

Lilly Munster "The Munsters"


Monstrous Mutant Alien Monster Baby Maker.

Ghostly mother "The Others"

Carrie's mother "Carrie" 

Norman Bates's actual mother "Psycho"

Sam and Dean Winchester's mother. "Supernatural"

Samantha and Endora, witchy mothers. "Bewitched"

Heeeeere's a mother! "The Shinning"

Me say Mom! Me say Mom o' "Beetlejuice"

The mother of John Connor "Terminator" 

Mother of Leather Face... or is it a mother with a leather face... hmmm

Creepy dead ghost mother "The Grudge"

The Alien Queen

Morticia Adams "The Adam's Family" 

Cinderella's evil step-mother.