Saturday, September 3, 2011

The foul liquids inside were glowing as if evil itself radiated within the vile tubes.

   We finished 5 zombie stands (Spookeyblue style) in record time. Now we are moving on to corpsing some dead stuff.
   Miranda wanted a unique serving tray to serve drinks with at the Halloween party this year. We threw together a rough test tube rack. It is not sanded or painted yet. I plan on throwing a couple of coats of flat black on it in the morning. Then it will loo truly wicKED. I just could not wait to share how cool this dirt cheap test tube drink serving rack is.
(FYI test tubes were the $1 ones we got at Dollar Tree today) 

Rough rack with standard lights.
Rough rack with standard lights on and black light. It even glows with the lights on!
Lights off! Black lights on! wicKED!!!!

Truly one of the best Labor Day weeKEnDs I can recall.
 Now back to zombies!


  1. I bought the exact same test tube things at the Dollar Store (go Luau section!) and I agree, they give off an awesome glow! It was even better than I thought. My boyfriend is also attempting to make a rack for them. Yours turned out great.

  2. Just wait till you see them now. We have 3 sets but this will be the set that my girlfriend serves drinks from. We sanded this one down and painted it black and even added a bronze skull and crossbones. We will post pictures of it this weeKEnD.

    PS.. You should see how they glow with a glowing drink in them!


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