Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Haunting on Wood Avenue

   We were driving home this afternoon and noticed black plastic trash bags lining the windows of the old Westmoreland Building on Wood Ave. Intrigued, I slowed down to check it out. 
   Usually black trash bags in the windows of old buildings this time of year can only mean one thing.... HAUNTED HOUSE!

   Turns out it was the Big Stone Gap Fire Department putting on a Haunt. My first experiencing working IN a Haunted House was for the BSG Fire Dept so I can't wait to see what they have in store this year! There was a bunch of woodworking and saws running out front tonight getting it ready. If the amount of people running about and working on it are an indicator of how good it will be, it should be GREAT!
   Make sure you get out and visit this Haunt. It's for a great cause to boot! I have updated the 2011 Haunted Attractions near Wise County page with the below info:


Big Stone Gap Fire Department Haunted House

   Located on Wood Ave in Big Stone Gap, Just down from Ball's TV in the Old Westmoreland Building. This is one of the first groups I did a home town haunt with. Hope some of the old group is still there. It's in a great location with the creepy old building and all plus it is for a GREAT cause. This is one I will absolutly be hitting several times! wicKEDly ranKED review coming soon!
   This is the only information they had available on their website as of now:
Location: Inside the Old Westmoreland Building
Admission: $5.00 per entry or $20 unlimited entries all night
Schedule: Every Friday and Saturday in October as well as everyday the week of Halloween.
Caution:This will be a dark confusing enviroment with strobe lights in use!

   If anybody knows of any other  Haunted Attraction out there I don't have listed, or if you would like to request an in depth review of your favorite, drop me a line please! I am always looking for more  local stories, haunts, ghost stories, etc so reach out to me with your wicKED information. 


  1. Will you be posting more pictures and reviews of the places listed on you haunted attractions 2011 page?

  2. I will be doing an in depth review of each of the places I visit and ranking them. Each place will have it's own article plus I will update the actual attraction page with new data. I may even do a top 5. I am hoping I will get some inside info from some of the places and will be allowed to take some pictures "behind the scenes".

  3. We are doing a trill run threw tonight if u want to stop by it will be around 830


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