Halloweens of the past

Here is a random collection of videos and pictures spanning the last 3 years. Included are pictures from both the Yard Haunts on Halloween Night as well as the yearly wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Parties. Enjoy!

First documented yard haunt 08 (looks so pitiful in retrospect)

Day light view of yard haunt 09 (it really grew in size)

Yard haunt at night 09

Carrot and Olive tray 08

Ocular Delights 09

Archie can't hold his catnip.

Captain naKED making the best punch ever 08

This is my favorite picture of my yard haunt 09.

One of these things is not like the other...09

Ground breaker in a pond... hope I did not break any laws.09

Archie really likes holidays 09

Yard Haunt 09

Day shot of yard haunt 09

Archie in his Pumpkin sweater 08... taking it better than I imagined

Slim getting ready to hop up and chase TOTs. 09

Creepy 09

Better view of house 09

My first chicken wire prop. 09

Baked spinach wraps (Dried leaves) 09

Fall display 09... it so got in the way of my other creepiness!

Ocular Delights 08

Spider Squishs 08

Haunted Bush in the house! 09

My favorite prop from Spencer's in 07 back when they sold Halloween stuff like this

Another Spenser's after season deal 07

Back before I replaced all the bulbs with flickers 09

He still looks formidable. Most kids hate to come to the door! 09

Yet another Spencer's deal 07

My old scarecrow man 07. People always think that is a person.

Yard haunt in daylight 08

Closer view of haunt 08

Guess who? 08
Pssst... there is somebody behind you! 09

Good deals at Kirkland's 08

I still wish Spencer's carried stuff like her. I got her for 8 bucks . 07

The head of  Grimace. He was inspired by SpookyBlue and Pumpkinrott's creations. My friend had an old plug up pumpkin in his truck. Said his dog had shewed the face off and he was dumping it. I took it, and carved the back and added a  burlap hood. BEHOLD GRIMACE!  09

Night haunt 09


Oops! Somebody cut themselves shaving! 08

Jeepers Creepers would greet you as you came out of the bathroom! 09

So that's what that smell is! 08

Bad hair day 07

Treats! 08

I tried to make the fall display creepy by having death pop out of it... did not work. 08

More decor 09

Now that's a big pumpkin! 09

Poor Archie is nothing but skin and bones. 09

A reproducible host is always prepared for the worst! 08

My pitiful decorations from 06 

Fogger 07

Lots of orange and spiders 09
TOTs have to make it past this one to get the candy  08

Wide screen view of yard haunt in the day 09

This was waiting on the TOTs 09

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