Monday, November 1, 2021

Halloween 2021 in the Books!

 We did not decorate at our home but we did have a Trunk or Treat/Spooky Science Experiments/Haunted Visitor Center. We had over 3000 kids visit us but only 800 went in the haunted house! We had 15 Trunker Treats set up and The Visitor Center gave out over 1000 treats. Our town Parks & Recs crew combined forces with the Haunted Forest Ghoul crew to COMPLETELY haunt downtown! Can't wait for next year! Hope everybody had a GREAT HALLOWEEN!



Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween! It's Party Time! {Countdown to Halloween Day 31}

 The big day is upon us! Thanks to all that have followed me through this fun countdown during one of our tamer years! We had our Halloween Party but greatly reduced in both size and intensity last night! Below you will find some of the pictures from the great event! 

Tonight we are doing a mini haunt for the Town and a Trunk or Treat so Halloween is alive and we hope to bring it back bigger, better, and scarier than ever in 2022!!

Mystery Meat Buffet

Willie Nelson and his #1 Groupie Girl

Any Ted Lasso Fans here?

Kenny G and Michall Bolten 

A pure angel!

Lady GaGa, she was born this way.

Evil Clown!