Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweekend! (Halloween Perspective)

Today is the day! The weather is calling for almost 100% chance of rain turning to snow so Trick or Treating is going to be damp at best. Most of the animatronics and other "added" props will not be used AGAIN this year due to weather. We will do the best we can with the zombies going under the cover of the porch. It also puts a strain on zombie makeup too. Hopefully it will all work out and be a great Halloween after all!

This also brings us to the final day of the Halloween Countdown. If you are new to my blog, I hope you become a follower or follow on facebook. The posts will not be as frequent, but they will be year round. For those that have been with me from the start, thank you for your continued support and may all your Halloween be truly wicKED!

While we busily work on getting the Wicked Woods up and running, enjoy some Random Halloween shots around Ye Olde Meade Manor..all from the perspective of a Halloween Head. Happy Halloween!