Friday, September 30, 2011

October is coming! Hopeful summer will disappear with September.

   I for one am getting tired of 88 degree weather. Sweating bullets while hanging up scarecrows is not a fond fall memory. Looks like we are going to be getting more fall like temperatures in the area over the weeKEnD. This will do wonders for the fall foliage as well as my Halloween spirit. I hope that summer is dead and does not come crawling back like some shambling, humid undead thing. With luck, the Halloween spirits will see that all things summer are gone.

   We have a wicKED weeKEnD planned. Building coffins, corpsing ground breakers, finishing with decorations, watching some scary movies, and maybe getting out to a haunted attraction or two. There are bunches opening up in our local neck of the woods so there is no excuse for everybody to get out and get in a Halloween mood! You can find a listing of all local haunts on my Local Haunted Attractions Page. There you will find directions, prices, times, dates and other useful information about your favorite spooky spots.

   The list of haunts that are open this weeKEnD are :

  • Backwoods Haunted House
  • The Haunted Park
  • Fender Farm's Insane Inn and Haunted Maze
  • The Haunted Appalachian Caverns
  • Stickley Farm's Haunted Event
  • Frightmare Manor
  • Beck Mountain Haunted Corn Maze
  • The Haunted Auction House and Corn Maze
  • A Haunting on Wood Avenue
   I think I may head back down to see A Haunting on Wood Avenue tonight. Make plans to do the same if you want to see a great haunt this weeKEnD!

The wicKED sneak peak tour video of A Haunting on Wood Avenue


  1. 88 degree weather!? It sure isn't that warm in WI now. Autumn has officially hit. I liked the music that went with that video! I don't think I've heard it before.

    So, this is completely off the topic, but I'm asking since you seem handy. I bought some LED lights with just loose wires off ebay. I wasn't thinking about how I would attach them to an energy source, because I was tempted by their cheap price! Do you have any experience with hooking up individual LED lights?

  2. Thanks. I was proud of that video. It was from Midnight Syndicate.
    I actually do know about the LEDs. The easiest way is to go 9 volt on them. You will need a resistor, heat shrink tubing, wire, and a 9 volt snap (Radio Shack). To see what I am talking about go to this link.
    If you need further help, I can walk you through it ;)

  3. Wish I lived in your part of the world. No haunts here until the last week of October. Great video! On another note, thanks for the Dead Leaves recipe from your collection. I've been wracking my brains for something that isn't sweet for those not into sugar, these will look great and work perfectly with our theme.

  4. Oh, Midnight Syndicate! No wonder I liked that music.

    Thanks for the information! That helps a lot. Well, as it turns out, the lights I have are designed for 12 volt. Since I'm not decorating a truck, they might be pretty pointless for me... Well, it's good these were really cheap. I do still want to try this, though. Next time, I'll look for the more useable 9 volt ones. I might have more questions for you when that day comes!

  5. My pleasure. I still make them from time to time. Just make sure to get them crisp and season them ;)

  6. I found your blog from the Crypt Keeper's list and checked out a lot of your older posts and this new one. I liked what I read. I will now be checking out your blog on a regular basis, thanks to the Crypt Keeper's Count Down to Halloween.

    It is hard to prepare for Halloween in 80 degree plus weather. Wishing you more seasonal weather for the month of October.

  7. Thank you bookman. I got my wish about the weather (and then some). It was spitting snow in the AM but is leveling out into a nice fall day here. Thanks for being part of the Countdown and for following!


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