Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's a sign of the times.... x2

   We were at the local Foodcity yesterday and I was happy to see pumpkins on display.  They had these HUGE white ones that would make great ghostly jack-o-lanterns as well as the usual selection of gourds and traditional pumpkins. Just another sign that the Halloween season is coming upon us quickly.

   What was sad for me was that while the sign on the box proclaims they are all locally grown.... they still need to charge 12.99 each for them! Even the standard pumpkins were 7.99! This will force the savvy haunter to just buy a forever pumpkin that they can use year after year. I can recall the good old days when locally grown meant you were not paying for the high cost of transport. Thank goodness they were not from farther away as we would need a co-signer to purchase one.
   I am further saddened by the fact that most of these will likely go to waste and not be used in Halloween celebrations because people will not want to pay for them just to carve.
   The economy has struck another blow at Halloween enthusiast across the nation. First the slow sale of summer and back to school items has delayed the Halloween merchandise from hitting shelves like they have in the past. Now they want an arm and a leg for the coolest pumpkins.
   We will be doing our part to be ready for next year here at the wicKED Mannor. Recycling old or broken props into bigger, badder, scarier inventions. Building most of the items we need for our haunt from hand rather than paying premium price for inferior products from retailers.  I also plan on buying up pumpkin seeds from the local farmers market in prep for some organic gardening next spring.
    Even our little demon cat Lily is doing her part this year to help out with rising cost....
   She has started eating the neighborhood children and any stray Jehovah's Witness that come to the door to save on cat food. She plans on taking the money we save and buying us a big old white pumpkin....as soon as she finds a co-signer.....


  1. I was reading through your post and came across that demon cat having dinner...made me laugh out loud...wasn't ready for that one! We are also having pumpkin issues this year. For some reason the really good quality pumpkins are a ridiculous price and are bought in way too early. Keeping them fresh is tough, we went through two sets last year. I'm sorry to say we have purchased the every lasting variety, two huge, one small. I know that we'll just have to get a fresh one somewhere along the line...it's tradition!

  2. I agree with you about the early part. Maybe just bad planning on the farmers parts. We will be getting a couple of the forever pumpkins to hold some wicKED carvings and will most likely grab a real one too for traditions sake! ;)


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