Thursday, September 1, 2011

As the days shorten in length, the nights grow longer, so too does the anticipation for Autumn's bounty

   You don't have to have a calendar to know what time of year it is getting. There is something about how the sunlight looks different on the world it touches. The shadows grow in length as if they know that soon, they will dominate with the growing nights.  Already, I hear the occasional crunch of a fallen leaf as I walk through my yard. Autumn is on the horizon. There is so much to look forward too in this season of seasons. I can't wait!

22 days till the first day of Autumn.The Autumn Equinox that marks the time of equal light and dark.
22 days till our landscape turns from sunny summer to the more sinister fall
21 days till boxes and boxes of Halloween crawl from their dark spaces into the fading light.
29 days till the start of the Halloween Countdown as a Cryptkeeper.
36 days till the first of the Haunted Attractions in the area begins.
37 days till the Wise County Fall Fling
42 days till Home Craft's Day 
58 days till The Annual wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party at ye old Meade Manor.
60 days till Halloween!

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