Thursday, September 15, 2011

I gotta stop hanging out with my deadbeat friends.

   I recently acquired 3 new friends. At first, they were great and seemed to share my love of Halloween, but things started going downhill fast. At first, they started picking on my original bucky Slim. I thought it was just prop rivalry at first, but it turned sinister. They started telling him crazy things like he had a screw loose or that the Wildcats sucked. Then they showed their true colors..... they were DEADBEATS!
   All they wanted to do was sit around the living room and watch reruns of Ghost Hunters and Bones. I figured I would be the better person and have a talk with them. I tried to tell them to straighten up and be better guests...   They responded by getting worse!

   They would party late into the night, screaming and shouting, while watching old reruns of Headbangers Ball. I put my foot down and told them they were being immature and that they needed to be more adult.
    Bad choice of words......

   They took it to a more "adult" level for sure. Apparently one of them was a woman! Egads! I had no idea... I hope I had not mishandled her while moving her about. At any rate, I told them this type of behavior had to stop and I wanted to see a complete 180!
   Have you ever heard the saying. "careful what you wish for" ? Well I have.... and I did not heed it. They did a complete 180....

   They would completely ignore me and just sit around making small talk among themselves in very fake British accents.  The only time they would speak was when I headed to the kitchen. Then they would call me "Jeeves" and ask me to bring them tea and biscuits.
   I had reached my limit. I told them they were all going out to the building until Halloween. I went to get the keys and came back to find this!

   They would cheer every time I came into the room and talk about how great of a haunter I was. They had become the ultimate undead suck ups.
   After I settled them down from screaming "GO TEAM" and KED ROCKS" we reached a happy medium. If they would just sit there and be creepy inanimate Halloween decorations, they could stay.

   So far, they have been on their best behavior. Except for one whispered "boner" joke I have not heard a peep from them. I think we are at peace with each other.
   Now they just have to deal with Miranda when she gets home.... they seem to have taken up residence on her favorite couch.

   All joking aside, I was lucky enough to find 3 of the $30 life size Walgreen Skeletons that everybody is going crazy for. Thanks to a loyal reader who works at a Walgreen's in Johnson City TN, I was able to get them for about 22 bucks each! What a deal! (Thanks to Lisa S. and her hubby). These are going to look good in the yard haunt this year with a little cheese cloth and some milky glowing eyes
   Till then, I have a feeling there will be no end of mischief involved with them and my poor girlfriend.  


  1. You are very welcome! They look right at home. Can't wait to see them in your grave yard! Lisa

  2. They look like good friends to me. They are quiet and don't make a mess and they are always there for you when you need them.

  3. Those skeletons are pretty realistic. I'm sure endless amounts of silliness will ensue... Give your girlfriend a break! I'm a total Halloween person, but even I wouldn't want to be surprised by random skeletons or even worse what was in your last blog post!

  4. Jessica: good point! I could use some more then!

    Justine: I think she would worry more IF I did not do those things, but I will take it easy on her ;)

  5. Are you a member of One of yesterdays posts on the forum was to show off your life sized skeleton and the antics it got up to. Your pics would be perfect there! Here is the link to the thread

  6. I sure am! Posting now. Thanks for the heads up Marilyn. ;)

  7. Love it! I just followed your link from Halloween Forum. Very cool Blog!

  8. Thanks widowjingles! Hope you continue to enjoy.

  9. I just found you on HF, too - love the story!


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