Sunday, September 11, 2011

A costume does not a haunter make

   It takes more than a costume to be a haunter. It apparently takes more than a costume to make an effective criminal.
   So some half wit gets a Gumby costume and tries to hold up a gas station. He manages to steal 27 cents from the "need a penny take a penny" cup, only to drop it on the way out of the store. See actual news footage below:

   This leaves me with a few unanswered questions :
  1. Why did he not have a weapon? He said he had a gun in the costume but come on! I mean you are wearing a very non threatening costume so at least look menacing with a bat, machete, or even a rock! Then make sure the costume you wear has FINGERS so you can hold the weapon.... not to mention the loot you get!
  2. Why are people stupid? Here is the kicker... there were two master minds behind this. Gumby in the store and an accomplice. Why did it not occur to either of them how bad an idea this was?
  3. Was the driver of the getaway van dressed like Pokey?
  4. And finally, was this guy trying to make Halloween look bad or just Gumby? 
   Too bad he did not find this costume first!
That would have been some good news footage!


  1. Oh, I love stupid criminals! I don't know if you heard about the guy who tried to steal some live lobsters by stuffing them down his pants, but that's another good one:

  2. I think my main question is why Gumby? why!?

  3. I did see that Justine and I got a couple of chuckles from it. I did not post it because I could not think of a Halloween angle to it. I did come up with some bad jokes about crabs though....

    Exactly Rose! Another questions would be.....why did his buddy not zip him up?

  4. Haha! Yeah, I know what you mean. The lobster guy did seem blog-worthy, but there wasn't anything Halloween about the story. I just ended up tweeting about him instead. Yeah, I bet that story resulted in a lot of jokes. :)


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