Monday, September 5, 2011

Fear not the forest..... fear what lurks within!

 Just received some wicKED words from an inside source about this year's annual MECC Haunted Forest. I was very glad to hear from this local haunt and finally get confirmation of it's imminent opening.
The terror begins the second weekend in October (October 7) and is open Friday's and Saturday's from 7pm-11pm. through the end of October. Admission is $5.00 per victim. 
 Our resident Graveyard Undertaker "Dr. Cadaver" assures me that there will be the return of several past favorite Ghouls and Psycho Killer Clowns as well as some new fright filled scenes with Zombies and a werewolf on the prowl. You can also expect to encounter a few "insane" residents and other creatures along your foggy torch lit journey as well.   Careful in the graveyard though," Dr. Cadaver" has the Grim Reaper searching for a few more souls. It would be a "grave" mistake to get lost there!
The Haunted Forest isn't like any other haunted house because it takes place in a REAL forest- with all the creepy, natural ambiance to go with it. There aren't any walls to protect you from the horrors that lurk in the trees, and no roof to keep out the howling October winds. 

   For further information, head over to the MECC Haunted Forest website (soon to be updated) or follow my blog on this and all other Wise County Haunted Attraction this year.
   I will be looking forward to exploring the dark paths of the Haunted Forest myself! As soon as I do, I will be posting a full review and get it wicKEDly ranKED. Hope to see you there!

And remember, in the Haunted Forest.... question not if you are brave enough to enter.....rather if you feel lucky enough to leave!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I heard from someone that works with the Haunted Forest that there is the possibility that they might have the 2-headed werewolf "Double Trouble". Hopefully you can get a picture of that or get someone to send you a picture. I have also heard that there is another haunted attraction in Big Stone Gap in Bullit Park called The Crypt.

  2. No problem. Thank you for your assistance with the contact. You are correct about The Crypt at Bullit Park. I have went the last 2 years and it is a good haunt for sure. I have been searching for information about it for this year. I have been unable to find anything out thus far. I will post as soon as I find anything.


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