Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Poor dog!

Horrific at  start.....but ends up good in the end!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Arbor Day!

Go out and plant a tree! The creepier the better! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I have a confession.....

He admitted to himself that he was a habitual taker of life. Decades of scheduled, orderly death dealing had numbed him to the extent of the life he extinguished. From the maelstrom of destruction, he would force order into what life he allowed to remain in his world. The only way he could continue this routine year after year was due to his infernal machine.

 The machine was a masterwork of death. It's ability to maintain evenly measured chaos was unmatched. Constructed to dish out destruction with no regards to what kind of victim found it's way to it's ever hungry maw. The cruel contraption was designed not only to snuff out the life it was fed, but to quickly and neatly break the remains down and deposit them back into the earth where they would never be detected. If, by some miracle, the living were able to survive the machine, they would forever be mangled, twisted, and deformed to such an extent that death would be a welcome release.
Both master, and machine would rest through the white of winter. Waiting for the warm weather to bring out the living in force. It seems almost cruel for them to perform these serial killings when the rest of the world is focused on the rebirth of life after being locked into winter's grey embrace of death, but he was without remorse. On the first warm day of spring, you would see him sharpening the long, bizarre blades that made up the killing force of his cruel vehicle of doom.

 When he had first started his career in mass murder, he had tried to be selective. Stopping the machine for the slow, the young, the injured, the very beautiful. Years upon years of using the machine had completely deadened him to the plight of any life that found itself in the path of the deadly mechanism. Every week, like clock work, the machine would start up and be used to to rip the life from any who crossed him. When the machine starts, he would keep his head down and do nothing but focus on the removal of life before him.

 You would think that such a heinous act would be carried out in darkest night in some secluded part of the woods, far removed from the eyes and ears of any witness. You would be wrong. These acts have been carried out, in broad day light, blatantly in front of the community at large. Even the infernal machine itself has a design that should draw attention to it. Painted the brightest, bloodiest red and supporting a growling engine that could be heard for blocks, one would think it would be apparent what was occurring right under their noses. When he operated the machine, his neighbors paid no attention to him or the machine, almost as if they were invisible.

Was this some nefarious power that his demonic construct was able to project as it neatly removed the living? Could it be that the neighbors nearby were concerned of the consequences of paying attention to what he and his machine were doing? Perhaps they were afraid they would be asked to assist in this macabre dance of death going on right next door. Could it be that they somehow understood he was performing a community service with this scheduled life removals each week? Truthfully, they secretly wished he would bring his terrible machine to them and release it's horrific powers on their lives.

 If he were to ever be confronted about his deathly habits, he would shrug and act as if nothing were wrong. To him, he is performing a normal act by thinning the enormity of life force in this world. To him, he is grabbing life in both hands and taming it, daring any living thing to reject the order he and his torture device offer. The one thing you could not accuse him of, is killing on account of color, creed, sex, or designation. Any species that crossed his path was subject to the terrible blades of indiscriminate death.

 Fueling up his machine with oil and gas, he almost has to whip the mechanical murderer into life. The grating growl of the engine drowns out everything. No sounds of the dying, no screams of pain, no crunching or slicing would be heard over the rhythmic blare of the damned construct.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Let the mowing season begin! Double Duty Version!

This past Saturday, we mowed and weed eated both the old wicKED woods and the new. We did it in under 5 hours...not bad for an middle aged Bank Manager... I did not intend for us to get in the situation of having to properties to upkeep, two mortgages, two electric bills, two water bills etc, etc.  The guy that is wanting out old house is really dragging his feet and playing mind games, so I guess it will be up to us to keep them both up till we sell. I was really beating myself up about it but then I looked on the bright side. I am very pleased that between myself and M, we can own and operate 2 full households very comfortably financially. I still do not want to be pulling double duty on lawn duty all summer...not even with Jason's help!

The finished lawn at the old wicKED woods....not the golf course type manicure I usually do, but good enough!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a happy, memorable, and safe Easter! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wicked Wednesday Monster Media

Monsters are people too....

Speaking of monsters...

Monday, April 14, 2014


I only have one day a week that I am at my house for a full day since I have been training. As a result, my yard(s) have gotten away from me in a big way. Really did not have time to do any lawn manicuring so just worked on a few projects before I hit the road again. One of the main things that bugged me about the new place was there was 3 (yes three) DISH network satellites to deal with, 2 on the car port and one at the pinnacle of the house. I was so glad to get them down and gone. Not sure why they need three unless it was the size of the house. Yet another reason Cable wins!



You have no idea how bad they irked me...the only drawback is, the voices in my head are gone and I can never contact my home planet again...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to my Matronly Creator

We had my mom a belated Birthday party due to me traveling all over creation. Needless to say it was worth the wait. 

She is always a lot of fun around the holidays...especially Halloween:


Almost time for May Monster Madness!

This year, it will only be for one day so lets make it the best dang post about monsters on EARTH! Come on guys sign up now and lets do this! Click the pic below to sign up today!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I slept next to a corpse...

As many of you know, I am traveling at the moment. Found out yesterday they found a body in the room directly beside of I , in essence, slept next to a dead body for 4 nights. I was conflicted at first, but then it weighed on me. Especially when I came back in to smell industrial deoderizer and saw they had sealed the door with metal strips. I requested a move, but it still wierds me out. It was apparently a suicide so no worries of a villian lurking in the shadows.

My friends reactions was mostly,"Do you have an alibi?". This tells me I either need new friends or the current ones know me better than I give them credit.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sinister Sunday :Creepy by Default:

I truly know it is not meant to be creepy....but when you see this at can't help but let your imagination take over.

Even the spring moon seems...spooky....maybe I am just in the mood for some Halloween?!?