Monday, September 12, 2011

Just in time for Halloween! GLOW IN THE DARK CATS!!!!!

photo courtesy of  Mayo Clinic vai Reuter
   I am not pulling your leg, nor am I crazy. There are green glowing cats in this world and I want one by golly!
   It's not some science experiment gone wrong or "luxury" pet gene experiment. It's actually for a good cause in the fight against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) which causes AIDS in our four legged friends. This research is also being used in the fight against HIV.
   Scientist are inserting monkey genes which block the virus into cat with glorious results. They use green fluorescent protein gene from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria that makes them glow green. This helps them spot the altered cells better. It also cause the cats to glow green (harmlessly) and they pass it down to their offspring as well. Special thanks to my friend, Angie M. for bringing this to my attention.

*For the complete news article, click HERE*

Here is Mr Green Genes as seen on the Today show.

   Before anyone gets on a soap box about animal testing, let me say this. I am against animal testing for commercial use PERIOD.  This, however, is for the greater good of not only cats around the world (which I have 2 that I dearly love), but also their human companions. If they were doing this to make a new mascara or for some erectile dysfunction drug, I would not be posting and would take great offence to it. I would be more likely to defend an animal over most adult humans that i know.  So put your soap boxes back in the closet next to the Christmas decorations... thanks!

   That being said.... I WANT ONE!!!


  1. Any of those green cats get into the wild, wonder if they'll make for frustrated hunters.

  2. Either that or some really freaked out mice!

  3. I think they are pretty neato. I would never trip over my cat in the dark again lol


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