Monday, September 26, 2011

So little many distractions

   It never fails. When you are super busy, distractions attack. I have two big distractions that have reared their ugly heads during one of the busiest weeks of my year.

   First is a book. A real honest to goodness, hard cover, paper and ink book.

   This surprisingly good book will not stop haunting me! I have been setting aside an hour a day for this guilty pleasure but it still demands more time. This is truly a fantastic read, especially for this time of year. Every page I turn, I keep wondering if I will find out Abe did battle with Nicolas Cage!

   My second distraction comes from a ghost of the past... and it's a killer.

   If you are lucky enough to have Comcast/Xfinity TV, they are offering season 1 of Dexter for free on demand till October 2nd. I just happen to be one of the lucky (or unlucky in my circumstance) who gets to relive this nugget of evil goodness.

   Now I am done with my distractions for the day. Back to haunting the house on this morbid Monday!


  1. I think that is by the same author who did Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I loved that book. I'll have to look for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


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