Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Madness! Decoration update and the Countdown to Halloween looms!

The Wicked Woods finally looks wicked! I got a good start on the outside decorations and lighting!

He is just happy to be here!

As many of you may know, The Countdown to Halloween begins Tomorrow (October 1st) and as its name would imply, runs till Halloween. It is my objective to post at least one thing Halloween related each day in anticipation of the High Holiday! I hope that many of you will join in on this Blog Festival or at the very least, check in on my blog and those of my fellow Halloween Heads each day as we post Halloween goodness! 

As for what you can expect to see over the course of the next 31 is a taste:

Moody Mondays-where I take a mood and post pictures on the subject!
Freaky Fridays-news of the weird and funny stuff about Halloween
Local Haunted Attraction updates, reviews, and videos.
Guides to Halloween TV and movies
Some scary stories or sinister shorts!
A "best of" Post from my blog.
Recipes, and a how too or two.
Plus lots of updates in the progress of Wicked Woods Cemetery, the pending MOVE, The Annual wicKED weeKEnD Halloween party, and decorations galore! 

I hope you will come back daily to see what I can come up with...wish me luck!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sinister Sunday's Spider Apocalypse!

Got up this morning WAY too early. It was super foggy and there was a heavy dew on the ground. I noticed a neat spider web so I grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots.

It was then I started noticing the sheer number of them. The house, yard, even the grass was covered with them! I stopped counting right at 100 I'm talking about full blown webs. Not the fluffy balls of webs that were all over the ground and on every limb!

Not joking there was one of these like ever 3 to 4 inches!

The size and scope of the webs kinda worried me. The Wicked Woods was completely covered!

One very daring spider even built one at the top of a telephone pole!

I found just one little strand dripping off dew in the wind.

There was even one in my fountain!

Who knows....if we had stayed longer... the Wicked Woods may have become the Spider Haunt Forest!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The MECC Haunted Forest seems to be stirring early this year.

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of season swap. All of the summer stuff is up....Today and tomorrow we bring out Halloween!

I will be taking a quick break to make a trip to The Mountain Empire Haunted Forest, just a few miles down the road. It would seem that they have found a previously undiscovered crypt and there are reports that things are already stirring within. Not sure what I will find, but they did request I bring my we shall see!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Today is the official "Season Swap" in the Wicked Woods.

Today is a great day indeed. It's time for the annual "Season Swap" event here in the Wicked Woods. I even scheduled a long weekend to pull it all off and the weather is cooperating with me perfectly. This is also the last time I will mow this year (WOOT).

The season swap is exactly what it sounds like. We swap out Summer items for Halloween/Autumn stuff. all the fountains, smiling suns, porcelain mushrooms, birdbaths, grills, wind chimes, and garden art get boxed away to make room for tombstones, coffins, pumpkins and skulls.

Hard to believe that this:

Will soon become this:

Becomes this:

The backyard transforms into

The front yard morphs into

And this tranquil scene will soon look a lot like

 The one thing I notice about Halloween in the Wicked Woods is the way it is a continual process. I will decorate an area and think "that's as good as it gets" only to change it several times...even right up to Halloween night itself. With a major move looming over us, not sure how much transformation will be done this year, but there is SOOOOO much to do and so little time to do it in.

Hope your weeKEnD is wicKED!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sleepy Hollow seems Headless Horsemanless.

Is it just me or was the last episode of Sleepy Hollow lacking I dunno... THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN? I mean he was in the first 2 minutes as a dream sequence but what the heck!

Let's face it, the thing that makes it Sleepy Hollow is Mr No Head!

Don't get me wrong. There is not enough cool dark shows out there and this is a show I plan to watch quite eagerly every week...but it is getting a tad weak.
Like the "ghost" of the dead sheriff having a full on conversation with her. The video tape "magically" correcting itself. Nobody noticing the dead body of the Deputy missing or the squad car he took.  Just seems a bit contrived. 

The last episode also had the RUSHED feeling to it that I noticed in the pilot. They are trying to fit in way to much back story in each episode... just my opinion, but I am dying to know what you all think.

Sleepy Hollow....Headless Horsemanless even in the advertising!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

wicKED Wednesday Weirdness.

Just a little weirdness through the week as we continue to decorate for Halloween....we are slowly winning the war against the endless wall of totes!
I awoke to find my beautiful M turned into a Duck Dynasty Dude. Luckily she is not crazy, she was just participating in a fun school day event, I am sad to say, that was to dress up like Duck Dynasty characters. I am pretty proud that she threw this outfit together in no time!

So what is weird about this?  
Is it that a cat is sitting in a snow man tote? 
Is it that the snow man tote is on the kitchen table?
 Is it that there is a snowman tote next to some Halloween lenticular pictures?
Is it the lack of other Halloween decor on the kitchen Table? 
No. The weird thing is that the cat (Gizmo) is sitting around like a normal cat for once. 
He is usually on his back yawning!

Something not weird but lucky did happen. I was in a local Magic Mart (that's hillbilly Walmart for those that don't know) and I was at the service desk talking to the manager when I saw this cool little Halloween picture

It claimed to be a flicker LED picture and had a price of 13.99. The manager said it was returned due to the lights not working. I asked if she would take some off the price if I purchased it. She agreed to 4 bucks. I quickly found the problem (battery contact pushed into the housing) and now have a new CHEAP treasure to add to the collection!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Twisted Tuesday's Hat Attack!

Halloween would not be complete without M and I trying on silly hats! Here is our collection we gathered while out this weekend.