Sunday, November 12, 2017

Halloween is finally over in The Wicked Woods

The NEMS Fall Festival was the final nail in the coffin of Halloween for us. Now we can pack everything away and rest up and plan for next year. We set up in 5 hours the night before and tear down took us about 2. Thankfully we had some really good friends help with both and it went pretty good! We only operated for about 3 and a half hours but we saw 173 customers. Due to the time constraints, we did not get any pictures of the haunt while it was in operations but I can tell you from the screams and running children that it was a success.

We were lucky enough to have these two girls, who dressed up as the twins from The Shining. When they were not following people through the hallway, they were riding red tricycles up and down the hallways to drum up business. The creepiest thing we did!

My Wife

She really gets into character.

No wonder we had people turn around at the entrance and not go through !

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Halloween Overtime

We are still in Halloween Mode here in The Wicked Woods. While we have our decorations packed up, we have not had a chance to put them away....because Halloween is not done with us. 

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to get a final showing of MECC The Haunted Forest as they got rained out on what would have been there Finale Night. We also dove headlong into a full moon super foggy, ancient grave ward in the woods adventure. 

It was kind of insane to be out in a dark, overgrown wood with a fog that literally crawled on the ground via mother nature. 

Then tonight we are hosting a "Haunted Hallway" at a local school. We set up our Hallway complete with oak leaf graveyard and cornfield in record time (from 7pm till 11P last night). I will take come pictures tonight for another post...

So yeah...we are into Halloween Overtime!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Night 2017 in the Wicked Woods

I can remember the days when I would brag when we got 100 kids. I can even remember the days when I was sop excited about 500 kids. People really do not believe us when we measure the number of kids in the thousands!

We got out first ToT at 3:40pm and our last at 10pm.  

The lines started at 4:40 and did not stop till after 9

We went through 3 totes full of loose candy! we estimate well over 2000 visited The Wicked Woods Cemetery that night.

My Wicked Mother handed candy to every one of them She is a real trooper who can drive a stick.

My Wicked Wife was exceptionally creepy this year. The kids were completely afraid of her.

Pretty sure we gave some of them nightmares that night.

Here are some of the shots of the yard haunt with full effects, fog, and Animatronics. 

To see more pictures click link *HERE*