Wicked Weekend Halloween Party of 2017

The Lord and Lady of Meade Manor. Cleopatra the Queen of DeNile and her Mummy.


Day of the Dead Girl


Wes Poly Dues.....Fastest Fingers in the West

Guess Who!?

Sora Render from Kingdom Hearts and his Jester

Mike Ditka and The Queen!

Stranger Things!

Eggo Fight!

Three Blind Mice

We had to call the Exterminator! 

The Lorde and Lady of The Haunted Forest

Undead Frenchman and Undead Stevie Nicks

Time waits for no party!


Costume Contest voting booth

Sexiest Costume

Scariest Costume

Photobomb by the queen!

So confused!

Best Costume!

Somebody left a Zombie in the shower!

Not sure what I did!?!?!?

Disco Mummy!

Nothing to see here...just a witch and her cat!

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