Monday, September 26, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night....

   That is terribly cliche but it fits well. It is dark, and it is stormy at Ye Olde Meade Manor. All of our outdoor decorations and electrical equipment are being put through their paces for weather worthiness tonight. There is an odd glow coming from the dinning room of the Manor. It seems that the Awful Apothecary is fast on it's way to completion.

 Another name crossed off the list.

                             Another nail in the coffin.

                                               Another wicKED thing put to rest.


  1. That's just too awesome. What did you put in the bottles to make them glow in the black light?

  2. All kinds of things. Some are highlighters, quinine, and Vitamin b12. There is even a liquid laundry detergent and a sports drink in there.

  3. I knew about the highlighters, but never would have thought about the rest! I learned something today!!!

    And yet again....awesome!

  4. Love the way they all glow. Awesome!!!

  5. The colors are crazy! I had no idea about the various ingredients that would create a glow. Perfect arrangement.

  6. That looks amazing! I will definitely have to try some of those fillers in my mad scientist area. Thanks!


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