Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's as if summer is trying one last desperate attempt to hang on.....

At least today wasn't a total loss. I got some fairly good pictures of the Jeweled Touch-Me-Nots in the back yard.

They are everywhere!

    I always like to see these come in full bloom because of the timing. I always put the summer stuff up and drag out all the fall and Halloween things on the last weekend of Sept. These flowers are always full in bloom when I do.

   At dusk. I caught this rascal harassing one of the frogs in the pond... he even had the nerve to cuss me out in bird calls when I pointed the camera at him.

   The moon was nearly full... it is a bright night out!
   I will actually miss the garden lights.
   There is something, "other worldly" about them.
   Hard to believe that this warmly lit, welcoming  portal will soon become a scream factory for little children.

   Nothing much creepy or spooky going on this weeKEnD..... maybe I will luck up and another vampire attack will go down in Florida.....

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  1. Love all the pics. I usually have squirrles cussing me out for more corn. The fat Freddies are always hungry.(we name all the neighbor squirrle freddie.)


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