2013 Haunted Attractions Near Wise County VA.


Updated 10/14/2013


THIS YEARS THEME IS................Pumpkin Hollow Cannibals .. your car may have quit..... or you made that wrong turn to a party....and you find yourself wondering upon what looks like a abandon farm but there more to meet the eye.... for the family that lives in these woods have the taste for a more delicate, mouth watering meat........ Yours.....Welcome to PUMPKIN HOLLOW
WILL YOU SURVIVE ... admission $5
Just a small town haunted house bringing entertainment and fun to family's near and far.... come out this October and join the fun....
Dryden on the old woodway road.. We wish to welcome you to join in a night of fright and scare!!!!
From Pennington Gap, take 421 to woodway. turn LEFT
at the Woodway convience center.. travel 3.7 miles on 642. Turn RIGHT at Freeman Hollow Rd. Go to 3rd house on the RIGHT on HILL
From Big Stone Gap, Go east on highway 58 to Woodway exit travel 3.5 miles on 642 turn LEFT on Freeman Hollow rd. Follow signs. You cant miss it!!!!
Backwoods Haunted house will be opening its doors Every Friday And Saturday In October Dark til 11:00pm
DATES: OPENING DAY 27-28 4-5 11-12 18-19 25-26 Haunted House Will Be0 CLOSED This HALLOWEEN.....
TIME: DARK TIL 11:00pm

The following are the Rules of the Haunted House
A maximum of 6 persons per group will be allowed in at a time.
Please do not touch any props or actors as they will not touch you.
The wandering souls of Backwoods have no desire to come in close contact with you unless allowed to brutally maim and torture you. Please do not attempt to touch or verbally harass any of the undead that you encounter along your journey through pure HECK on the backwoods grounds.We have young and old and they dont need cussed at lets all be adults and have a good time
NO smoking or open flames of any kind.
NO alcohol, firearms, or weapons of any kind.
NO food or beverages.
NO flashlights or cameras.
Anyone who gets caught removing or
damaging props or behaving in an unsafe
manner OR breaking any of the rules will be removed immediately
from the Haunted House and be
subject to arrest.
Fog, strobe lights, loud noises, and
sudden scares are used inside.
If you are sensitive to distorting lights or
have a medical condition that increases
health risks such as: Seizure,
or a Heart Condition we recommend
you do NOT enter
Children under the age of 12 must be
accompanied by an adult at all times.
Complete review and walkthrough for 2013 *HERE*



In the woods on the campus of MECC strange sounds and sights can be seen and heard from the darkest recesses of the forest. People claim that on a quiet full moon night you can hear what they describe as a half howl-half scream. No
one knows what makes that noise, but there are few that will venture into the woods alone...
Just this year, words were found carved into the trees throughout the forest- a warning not to be taken lightly.... STAY OUT OF THE FOREST!!!
Would you ever go into the woods... in the Dark??
The Terror Begins : The second Friday in October
The Terror Continues: Friday's and Saturday's through the end of October
Event Times : From 7p.m. to 11 p.m.
Admission :$5.00 per victim.
Directons: We are on the MECC Campus at the parking lot behind Phillips-Taylor.
Proceeds from the Haunted Forest are used to fund student scholarships and club activities.
Each year the forest turns into all new terrors that will make you scream. Some of this years frights will include a creepy freak show, the killing fields, new ghouls in the graveyard (past victims), the boneyard, the slaughter house and many returning favorites from past years.
General Information
Q. Is it scary?
Of course. It wouldn't be much of a haunted forest if it wasn't.

Q. Can I bring my camera and flashlight?
No, you may see the monsters waiting in the dark to scare you.
Q. Is it the same as last year?
No. We take pride in changing particular aspects of the event from year to year. This way you will be just as scared this year as every year in the past. We do keep some of the more popular elements; however, changes may be made to these as well to scare you even more.
Q. Is it as good as last year?
Yes! But only better. Each year we take time to create new ideas and add new elements to make the event more exciting with each year. You'll absolutely die(okay, not literally) when you see this year's Haunted Forest.
Q. How can I get more information?
Simple, contact us via e-mail:
cringley@ me.vccs.edu
Q: Are the attractions open if it rains?
In case of a heavy down pour the event will be cancelled to protect our electronic equipment. Dress appropriately, this is an outdoor event. (Please wear appropriate shoes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty). Call the college at 523-2400 for up to date scheduling information OR CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UP TO DATE SCHEDULES/
Q: Can I smoke and use lighters?
No! Use a lighter and become next year's prop handing from a tree in the forest. (In other words, please don't bring a lighter)
Q: Will the monsters touch me?
Touch nothing and nothing will touch you! Of course you could be grabbed by a member of your group who is too frightened to handle the horror of the Haunted Forest.
Q: Can I bring my kids?
Yes! Bring any kid of proper age that you want. We recommend kids be 8 years or older; however, this is up to you. You know your kid better than we do so make sure they can handle it and bring them along.

Complete review and walkthrough for 2013 *HERE*


Directions to
Clinch River Adventures & Saint Paul Park

From Norton:
• Take US-58 Alt E for 20 miles
• Turn Left at the second traffic light in Saint Paul (Ford Dealership on your left)
• Take 1st right (Riverside Drive)
• Park & Red Caboose will be .5 miles ahead

From Abingdon:
• Take US-58 N to Hansonville
• Turn Left on US-58 W
• Go approximately 15 miles
• Turn Right at the first traffic light in Saint Paul (Ford Dealership on your right)
• Take 1st right (Riverside Drive)
• Park & Red Caboose will be .5 miles ahead


More info to come soon!

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