Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Winners of the 2012 Haunters Video Awards have been Announced!

The winners have been announced! They are as follows.

2012 Haunters Video Award Winners

Best Yard Haunt 
Canyon Trail Cemetery
Jim Slanker
Carol Stream, IL 

Best Yard Haunt (Vanguard) 
Spider Rider of Dun Ringill
Steve Parmley
Sacramento, CA 

Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt 
The Butcher of Provincetown Haunted House
Brad Goodspeed 
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 

Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt (Vanguard)
Hellizondo Carnival of Risk
Craig Schriber 
Simi Valley, CA 

Best Static Prop 
Grant MacDonald (Cemetery gate) 
Edmonton Canada 

Best Static Prop (Vanguard)
Deadwood Cemetery
Michael Braun
Gurnee, IL 

Best Animated Prop
Hellizondo Carnival of Risk
Craig Schriber (meat grinder) 
Simi Valley, CA 

Best Animated Prop (Vanguard)
Bates Haunt
Dave Bates (house projection) 

Best Party Haunt 
Valridge Manor Place
Stacy Saman 
Ancaster, Ontario Canada

Best Video Production 
The Butcher of Provincetown Haunted House
Brad Goodspeed 
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada 

Best How-to
2nd Street Cemetery
Heidi & Donnie Rauber Jr. 
Covington, LA 

Propmaster Award 
Hauntcast/Village Mire Yard Haunt
Chris Baker 
South Yarmouth,MA

Congratulation to you each and every one! Great job! 

If you are interested in seeing these great home/yard haunts, you can order the DVD via the link below:

These videos are a great source of inspiration and fun. I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Chris and Jeff Davis of Davis Graveyard for putting so much hard work into this year after year!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday's Monstrous Mega post {Deals to Die for}

Like many Halloween Heads/Home Haunters, we are on a budget. Anytime we can get a good deal on a sweet Halloween related items is a double win in our books. Here is the fiendish finds of this year...hope there is more!

Found this in a yard sale for a buck!

Another yard sale find. A bamboo spice rack. Still have the Walmart tag on it for 7.98. We got it for 50 cents.

Yard sale find. It was broken at the base but with a little glue and paint, it was well worth the dime we paid for it.

M's finds at various TJ Max type places. Got these for 60% off.

Yard sale finds. 10 cents each. The bottle came with the cotton and the dice...strange!

Found at a local Magic Mart for 50 cents.

New machete with a wooden handle for a buck...can never have enough machetes!

More skull shot glasses to add to the collection. A buck each.

M found these never opened light sets at a yard sale. Paid a dollar each. I am not a fan of string lights in a haunt but these will be great for the Halloween Party!

Yard sale guessed it. A quarter!

I won this free from Bindlegrim! Check out his sight here!

Heavy Tablecloth for the Halloween party. 50 cents.

Creepy doll heads at an estate sale. They had 5 bucks on them for the set but they were 50% off so we made off with them for 2.50.

Not sure what exactly I will do with them....

but I hope it is creepy!

Found these at Pier One for 90% off the whopping 7 dollar price tag. May use these for a blog giveaway.

Found these on a recent trip to Roanoke Virginia at a hobby store. Everything was 75% off. These cost a whopping 2.50.

Same shop in Roanoke...these were 1.75

Coming back from Roanoke we stopped a Cracker Barrel and found 90% off Halloween items! Got this for 2 bucks!

Same Cracker Barrel produced M some wich shoe covers for a dollar.

Salt and pepper shakers at a Cracker Barrel in JUNE! 25 cents each! 

M found the mother load at a local school. They were selling OLD books for about 50 cents each. Some of these are as old as 1820! 

This one appraised at 50 dollars! 

Most of the poor conditioned ones we will re-purpose into creepy haunted books. The others like this one, we ill put out for effect. 

This was also in the collection from 1977

Egads! Instruments to examine the kidney from the late 1800s!

One of he best deals I have gotten this year is the new computer system. 
With the new photo and video editing capabilities, I cannot wait for Halloween!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Creepy things in the woods..

M and I went on a trip to Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium. It's a local nature preserve that also does a Halloween haunt every year. Despite it being the first weekend of Summer, I still found a few creepy things to post:

Looks like a great place to dump a body!

Really love the part about cradle and coffin.

Am I in Pumpkinrot's garden?

Of course there is a real vulture waiting for us at the entrance.

That sucker is as big as my head!

The common Garden Spider... shown here in its super freak out human size!

And of course... the black wolf!

Hope you all are having a wicKED good summer! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hope you have a wicKED Summer!

It's the first day of summer! Enjoy it however you see fit!