Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you have the B.A.L.Z. to join?


   The modern day definition of a lurker is a person who reads discussions on  forums, message boards, blogs, or other interactive systems, but rarely or never participates actively or chooses to follow and support the site. They remain anonymous while enjoying content and posting namelessly. Research indicates that "lurkers make up over 90% of online groups"

   Let's face it people, it sucks to see you have over 500 views a day but you only have 10 followers. Some recognition is all most blog authors are asking for in the form of support for their site and content. We are a passionate bunch that want to know we share our interest with others and that all our hard work is appreciated. Most readers are content to just lurk in the shadows like some zombie waiting to pick at our brains. To these people I say get some B.A.L.Z 

   I present to you Bloggers Against Lurking Zombies or B.A.L.Z. We bloggers need to form together and collectively inform the masses about lurking and how to avoid it. We may also gently nudge our nameless readers into growing a set and following us for our efforts. If you feel as I do, grab a picture from the B.A.L.Z. page (or one of them above) and link it back to the info page HERE on your site. Show your lurkers you care about them. Show them you want to know they support your passions!

   If you are but a humble fan lurking in the shadows, then I highly recommend you check out the B.A.L.Z. page and be a supporter!

   Together we can put a stop to the mindless lurking zombies that shamble in the dark, hungry for our brains!


  1. I am never a lurker! I have balz! lol

  2. HUGE slam on lukers out of nowhere! Woah.

  3. Hmm... Sounds like you have a few cyber stalkers! :) I know it can be a little unnerving. Any time I check my stats, I see that this person who lives a few towns over from me has been on my blog multiple times that day. This has been going on for months, and I have no clue who it is! So, yeah I'm anti-lurker too!

  4. Haunted Rose: I am glad you do! Thanks for the support!

    Mantan : ;)

    Justine : I don't think I have one ( I am sure there are a few), It's mostly just that I have 500 views a day and only a handful of followers to show for it.

    Join me in showing the lurkers we have B.A.L.Z.!

  5. Agreed! I don't have anywhere near the number of views you have, but I know how you feel. It would be nice to get some comments once in a while.

  6. What about a stalker. That would be better right?

  7. Only if the stalker is prepared to face the consequences.


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