Saturday, September 24, 2011

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray....

   Rain, breakage, repairs, water damage, and a demon cat all confounded our best attempts at a Season Switching day.  We did get a lot done, but no where near where we wanted to end up.
   The weather was taunting me all day. I would hear thunder and the rain just beating down on the house and a few minutes later I would see sunlight streaming through the living room window. I would put my shoes on and head out the back door to find RAIN!
   Then we had a few mishaps. First, we had a little water filled creepy prop bust in storage. It drenched 3 of our pictures. We had to stop and do some clean up and salvage what we could from the frames. Luckily, that was all that was hurt and we can reproduce the pictures with ease.
   The second mishaps was coming from my back office where I have the spirit floor stand candelabra set up. I had an empty tote in hand, carrying it back to the closet and I brushed against the candelabra with my wrist. When I say brushed I literally mean brushed very lightly against it. The next thing I know I hear a "bam" and one of the arms has popped off! It must have had a crack in it to begin with for the amount of pressure I applied to it. At least it did not happen during the party or the haunt. The good thing is, it's a clean break and I can repair it with some super glue. I will just make sure to place it WAY out of the way of guests. If anybody else has this Spirit item, take note!
   The biggest complication of the night was from a small demonic presence known as Lilly.

   She was raring to go! She gets as excited about decorating as we do. The problem is, every time I pull something new out, she has to examine it and/or play with it. Every time I reached my hand back in a tote or a pile of newspaper packing, my hand was attacked.

   I admit to screaming like a girl on a couple of occasion due to this. She sure loves empty boxes, totes, and bags.

   I am sure she thinks she is helping somehow.

   The day wasn't all bad. I got a present from my "not so secret reaper" aka my mother.

   It was like a haunters care package. New soldering iron and solder for repairs to electronic props, a cordless Dremel for detail work  and Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights. Everything a home haunter needs for unpacking Halloween stuff!
   We did accomplish a lot, and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Turn your head and cough please. 
   We even made some glow in the dark Pumpkin Puke slushies 

   Sadly there was no wicKED Remedy in them, just orange goodness and ice.

   Outside it is a beautiful sunny day. We have lots of work to do, but we surely will get it done. Today is going to be a wicKEDly good day!


  1. What an awesome thing for your Mom to do! I love the pics of Demon Kitty in her wee shirt!

  2. The Demon Kitty loved her wee shirt too. We almost got in a fight when I wanted to take it off her. She is an odd ball. In winter, she drags out her little sweaters and brings them to us so we can put them on her.

  3. Loved Demon Kitty, so cute in her sweater. Have fun decorating!!

  4. Lilly's adorable!! My cat, Phoebe, is always jumping on my lap when I'm trying to type, and of course, she can't just sit still. She keeps turning in circles and changing position. It becomes like a game of kitty Twister, as my hands attempt to reach the keyboard. I love the way cats get all excited when some kind of activity involving boxes and general chaos is underway. They poke about inspecting everything like some sort of project site co-ordinator.

    And you've got to love a mother who sends a haunters care package!!!

  5. Aww... I love the haunters care package from your mom! That's so cute. So is your cat, even if she did get into everything. That's a great little cat jacket she's got on!

  6. Lilly always steals the show. She has been up to no good again tonight. I am sure she will pop up in the next few blog posts.

    I am glad I have a mother who feed my addiction to Halloween ;)

  7. I love your blog it always makes me smile. We too were unpacking Halloween at one end of the house and creating props at the other. Somewhere in there were three cats messing about with fake spider webbing. Ours, like yours, must investigate every little thing. At some point during the day one of them carried a little plastic spider outside and had great fun flipping it around. They love Halloween as much as we do. "Turn your head and cough" sniggles!


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