Truly wicKED and Haunted Places in Wise County

   Old Wise county Orphanage - Just past 9619 Turkey Branch Rd, Wise, VA 24293: Numerous reports over the years. Giggling children, bouncing balls, floating orbs of light. Crying can be heard from the road late at night and ghostly forms move back and forth in front of the windows. 

Photo courtesy of  fearless para photographer Jenna Gray

   The June Tolliver House - 22 Jerome Street, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 : Reports of moving paintings and figures moving in front of the window. A picture of the June Tolliver Ghost was circulated in the local paper (The Post) several years ago. The ghost is described as a lady in white who carries a thin lit candle through the house.

The June Tolliver House
   Miss Annie's House - 300 West 2nd Street S, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 : The story of this house can be found  HERE  in this Blog I posted.
Miss Annie's House

   The John Fox Jr House - 118 Shawnee Ave East , Big Stone Gap, VA : It is said this place contains some very angry spirits and often half translucent people are seen wandering the grounds in period clothing.
The John Fox JR Home

   Tar Road - Where 6th Ave E turns into Country Road 283, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 : Panther like creature reported by hikers and hunter for over 20 years.More information can be  found in a previously posted blog HERE.
Path leading to Tar Road

   South West Virginia Museum - 10 West 1st Street. Big Stone Gap, Va 24219 : Reports of seeing the ghost of a handy man and a maid are reported at night.
SW VA Museum

   Train Crossing - Cadet, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 : Reports of seeing a headless ghost in an old long coat. People mistake the ghost for a large black dog sleeping on the track but when approached, the headless apparition rises and heads down the track to the west. The ghost is thought to be that of Skinny Wilson who was decapitated at the station yard here in 1960.More information can be found in a previously posted blog HERE.
Cadet train station in the 1960's

   Ramsey CemeteryNorton, VA  24273 Headed top Dungannon : Reports of unseasonably cold temperatures. The sound of gunfire and screams. Shadowy figures are seen walking ahead of you but you can never catch up with them.The most reported encounter is hearing a train approaching the center of the cemetery only to trail off into nothing about 15 minutes in.(No picture available.)

   University of Virginia Bowers&Sturgill Hall - 1 College Ave, Wise, VA 24293 : A young girl allegedly hung herself here years ago. People have reported seeing her hang from the pipes in the hall from time to time. The hall has been recently renovated so not sure if the haunt is still active.
Bowers&Sturgill Hall UVA Wise
   "Baby's Grave"Graveyard Hill, Clinchco, VA 24226 "Baby's Grave". There are a few worn field stone grave markers here. As the story goes, those parking near the graveyard can hear the cries of a baby near this unmarked grave. Some have reported seeing a woman in white roaming around during times of fog and full moon. Some have reported  returning home to find scratches all down their backs and arms.
Graveyard Hill, Clinchco, VA.

   "Cora" The Elevator GhostSaint Mary's Hospital, Norton, VA 24273 : People have reported seeing the ghost of a woman with "brown,neat hair". No back story on how Cora died, but she is often seen on and around the elevator near the nursery.(no picture available)

   Lover's Leap - Natural Tunnel State Park, Route 3, Duffield VA 24244 : The ghosts of two native american Indians ( Shawnee and Cherokee) can sometimes bee seen leaping to their deaths. More info about Lover's Leap at the Tunnel can be found HERE.

Lover's Leap. Natural Tunnel State Park
 The Wood Booger of High Knob - High Knob VA in the Jefferson National Forest Jefferson National Forest, 4, VA 24273: Recently made famous by the Animal Planet show, "Finding Bigfoot", High Knob is said to be the perfect habitat for the "Wood Booger". The investigation team from the show was following up on a lead from this video :

The video captures a supposed Bigfoot, or Wood Booger shot in nearby VA. As an avid camper and hiker of High Knob over the last 20 years, I have yet to see a Wood Booger, but can attest to hearing some unearthly, human like shrieks I cannot explain.  The Ghosts of Williams Hollow Road - Williams Hollow Road, Big Stone Gap, VA (Near the old Malonys building headed to Pennington Gap). The ghost of a small child can be seen as it walks backwards out of the hollow. The ghost seems to be concerned that something is following it down the road. Many reports of people "feeling watched" as they park along the road. The full story on this spot can be found HERE.
A popular parking spot that many report as being haunted.
The House of the Floating Casket - 375 East Main Street, Appalachia VA.
Picture not available
Numerous reports of seeing a small child's casket floating through the house. Often visible through the windows. People have reported seeing this particular event as far back as the late 60's.
The Wise Inn - Junction of Main and Spring Street, Wise VA. Many reports over the years of hair pulling, EVP, and full bodied apparitions coming down the stairs at night. This structure was recently investigated by the paranormal group, "Black Mountain Paranormal Society". The article on this investigation can be found HERE.
This historic structure has long held residence of the living and the dead.
Heritage Hall - 2045 Valley View Road, Big Stone Gap VA. Reports of a small ghost boy who appears to the residence right before their passing as well as a old white haired lady ghost who moves at inhuman speeds and can never be caught by the staff as she seemingly vanishes down dead end halls.
Not all the inhabitants here are living.
If any of my readers have any photos, locations, or updates on these places, please contact me. I am also looking for more local haunts so feel free to drop me a line with any leads.
More to come. Check often! (last updated 07/26/2012)