Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope you all have a wicKED Halloween!

   This will be my last post of October. I hope to have lots of video and pictures of the yard haunt tonight (weather permitting). In the weeks to come I hope you will stick around as I continue to search for all things wicKED. 

   I wish you all the best with your Halloween activities and I hope if any zombies sneak up on you, they are the kind that only want to photo bomb you.


    I am heading out now to populate the cemetery with even more ghosts and zombies. See you all in November!

Have a wicKED Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

And a wicKED time was had by all!

   The annual wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party of 2011 was huge success. It was the best party I have thrown to date. Even though Miranda and I were working down to the very last second, it all fell into place. It was a blast!
I will start by listing off our party guests :

Your host and hostess, Zombie Sheriff and the freshly bitten and turned Saloon Gal. (I had teeth paint on,  I swear my teeth are not normally brown and green)

Zombie Man and Vampire in Denial (she refused to admit she was dressed as a vamp).

Mrs Krueger (she lost her pants!) Miranda, and a very tall  but very happy Witch.

The Goddess Venus

Farticus the Spartan

Horny Guy, The king of the Darned, the executioner, and Miranda.

The Lord of Heck is a hit with the ladies!

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.

The 80's witch and Karaoke Cowboy
Here is some of the updated outdoor decorations :

Jason gathers wood for the Camp Crystal Lake fire pit.

That is just creepy to look out you kitchen window and see.

One of my favorite pictures.

The 2 dollar skull torches worked like a charm and burned super bright for 7 hours!
 Now for some ghoulish grub :

Brain and Blood Worms

The chef's specialty.

The Embalming fluid. It glows in the dark so drink at your own risk!
We added a few new party decorations at the last minute :

Don't get to close to grandpa He tends to bite after we dig him up.

This is a sinister bunch to walk by just to get to the bathroom.

Jeepers Creepers is ready to grab any guest coming out of the spare bathroom.

That is one skinny witch.

A towel I got from Jamaica decorated for Halloween. 

Shhh it's sleeping!
Even the fish tank got decked out.
   The evening's festivities included a home made Halloween game that incorporates charades, pictionary,  and 20 questions. It was guys vs girls (guys win again). We even got a shout out on a local radio station we were having so much fun. We ended the evening sometime after 2am with Karaoke and a costume contest :

Looks like Farticus is shooting a ball of fire out of his hands!

Miranda really gets into Charades.

Our mandatory thumbs up picture.

A new Halloween tradition is to have Farticus sing Creole Lady Marmalade

Miranda won the Sexiest Costume Award.
I won Most Disgusting, Scariest, and Best Overall Costume! Go me!
   I know that somebody will ask why there are no pictures of Lilly or Archie. I was able to get one picture of Lilly on the bed before the party:

   After that, she and Archie took one look at my zombie makeup and they hid the rest of the night. I did not see them again till after the party AND after I took the makeup off. 

    Now that it is over, we are busy cleaning up the house and preparing for the big night itself! I hope to have a ton of pictures from the yard haunt and maybe even a video or two. My posts may be a bit slim in the next few days as I prepare and ultimately pack up but I will make sure to pick up the slack afterwards.

Hope Everybody has a wicKED Halloween!