Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Contrast and Perspective.

   Many dirty deeds completed today. More to terrible tasks on the board for tonight. It's all coming together. Every creepy, slithery, wicKED part.


  1. Thanks. I got the panels on clearance last year for $2.50. Forgot I even bought them. Found them again for sale at $29.99. That jogged my memory that I already had them ;)

  2. I really love these! Where did you get yours? I'm saving money for the after Halloween sales...I can't wait!!

  3. I got them at a local place called Dollar Wise. I got the three panels for $2.50 each and 6 spider toppers for $2. We have 5 large windows in our kitchen and there is a Skeleton and a bat one I am dying for but they are way to high right now. If I see them on sale after the season I will give you a shout.


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