Sunday, May 6, 2012

Top 8 places for monsters to hide. (May Monster Madness Day 6)

   Most of my May Monster Madness posts have dealt with more mature monster themes, but what about when we were kids? To a kid, monsters were a part of every day life. Every dark corner could hold one waiting to pounce. How many times can you recall peeking out from under the covers and being absolutely sure a monster was going to be waiting there for you?

 Usually a kid is safe under the covers, but I was not so lucky. I had this irrational fear that something was under the covers with me... so there was no refuge for me!

  This brings me to today's post. The top 8 places that monsters hide (childhood version).

#8 Behind the shower curtain/in bathtub.

#7 In the attic.

#6 In the toilet.

#5 In the basement.

#4 Outside the window.

#3 In the dark itself.

#2 In the closet.



  1. That Monster was totally looking up that little girl's dress. What a perv! ;)

  2. I only ever believed in the Monster Under The Bed. But those pictures are enough to have you believing in the whole lot of 'em!

    1. There were a few I left out like "woods behind house", "old shed", "creepy abandoned house down the street", and "Under the bridge". All of these were places I knew monsters lived!


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