Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #14 (May Monster Madness Day 1)

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #14

*An unconscious man is tied to a chair in a dark, underground chamber. The only source of light in the room is an oil lamp sitting on an upturned barrel. The man jerks awake, clearly confused at his predicament. He panics and fights at his bindings as he hears footsteps coming near the closed door in front of him. The door opens and in steps a tall, pale man in a business suit and sunglasses followed by a smaller, muscular man with a beard. The bearded man is dressed simply in a flannel shirt and jeans. This seemingly mismatched pair closes the door behind them as the bearded man addresses the bound figure.*

Bearded man: I see you are finally awake.

Cowering man in chair: Oh please! PLEASE! Just let me go. I did not mean anybody any harm. I was just looking for friendship. You have gotten me all wrong!

Bearded man: Oh do I?

*Without looking the bearded man reaches back to his companion in the suit. The pale man hands him a large folder full of papers*

Bearded man: Let’s have a look at your history of looking for, ”friendship”.

*The bearded man opens the folder and begins reading through the papers.*

Bearded man: It seems here that you found “friendship” with a 15 year old boy a few years back. You told the boy’s mother that you were 10 years younger than you actually were so you could get closer for this “friendship”. You also told your boss and your friends that you had discovered that this 15 year old boy was, “your son from 15 years ago courtesy of a one night stand”. You used these lies to go on vacation with this boy, get time off from work, even leaving your job early every day and taking almost every Friday off to, “spend time with your son”. Does that sound about right?

Cowering man in chair: Please you don’t understand. I was confused! It’s not like it sounds!

Bearded man: Oh I think it is exactly as it sounds. You kept this ruse up till the boy turned into a man. After he was older, you no longer desired his “friendship”. In fact, you started looking for other forms of “friendship” right after his 18th birthday. Which brings you to being here with us in this place. We put those hidden and secret websites out there to find people like you. To attract those that….how did you put it? “are confused and seeking friendship”. You see, I was the one that was sending you those emails, posing as another 15 year old boy. It was I, posing as an innocent young boy, that made you drive out to the middle of nowhere in search of this "friendship". Your "confusion" lead you to be in the mess you find yourself now.

Cowering man in chair: Oh God no! Is this going to be on TV? Is this one of those shows that traps predators?

Bearded man: No, nothing like that at all. I promise you.

Cowering man in chair: Are you cops? By law you have to tell me if you are cops or it is entrapment!

Bearded man: Oh I can assure you, we are no cops. We have absolutely no affiliation with any legal or military group at all. You see, we are looking for fellow monsters like us. I think we can all agree, if you were  not a monster at heart, you would not have come looking for what we offered.

Cowering man in chair: Monsters like me? So this is some kind of a club? Is this an initiation? You guys are like me?

Bearded man: This is a club, in a manner of speaking, and we are looking for people like you. As to if we are like you, that is yet to be seen. We are all monsters in this room, and that is a fact.

Cowering man in chair: I don’t understand. What do you want from me?

Bearded man: We want to know who you really are……what... you really are. We seek out people that are not in line with the rest of society. The ones that are different. Those that have a hidden life in the darkness. Do you catch my drift?

Cowering man in chair: I….I.. think so. You want to know just how different I am. You want to see if I am good enough to be in your “club”. I have heard about clubs like this. I thought they were mostly in Europe? What do you need from me then?

Bearded man: Tell us what kind of monster you are? Admit it so we can see if you qualify to be one of us.

Cowering man in chair: OK….ok….I admit it. Everything your folder says is true. I lied to that boy’s mother, my friends, my boss and co workers, even my own family so I could have a relationship with him. I used to think I had a problem, but it is the rest of the world that has a problem. I am the normal one I tell you! What I do should not be wrong! It's what I need! It's what feels right to me! If that makes me a monster, then I am among the worst monsters in the world! THERE! DOES THAT ASNWER YOUR QUESTION?

Bearded man: It does. It does indeed. You are a monster, but you are like no monster I have met. You are not like us.

Cowering man in chair: What in the hell does that mean!?!?! You said you were monsters like me!

Bearded man: No, I said we were monsters, but even your dark, twisted, and evil soul is frightening to us. You see, all our lives, we have been called monsters by the masses. We were feared and shunned while true monsters like you walked around in the daylight spreading evil, lies, and ruination. You serve no purpose other than to deceive, hurt, and use people to fulfill your degusting fetishes and cravings. You serve no purpose on this earth other than that.

Cowering man in chair: But… but… you…. you said you were monsters too! You both are monsters! You said so yourself!

Bearded man: So I did. You see I am a werewolf…..and my over dressed friend behind me is a vampire. Together, we seek out true monsters in the world. Tonight we found one.

Cowering man in chair: You are a fucking lunatic! There are no such things as werewolves and vampires!

Bearded man: Oh yes, we are real. As real as you are evil.

*The pale man removes his glasses to reveal almost glowing red eyes as he lets out a feral hiss from his horribly fanged mouth. The bearded man removes his flannel shirt as hair bursts from his skin and his facial features begin to crack and distort into a half wolf/half human visage.*

Bearded man: I bet when you were a child, your mother would tell you scary stories about us, then calm you down by saying we did not exist. Well, my mother used to tell me stories about people like you, only she made sure to remind me you were real.

Cowering man in chair: OH GOD HELP ME! THIS HAS TO BE A NIGHTMARE!!!!

Bearded man: This is no nightmare, and trust me, I know what nightmares are. If you ever wondered if “monsters” like us have nightmares, we do. They are about real, flesh and blood evil like you. You are too monstrous, even for the likes of us, and tonight we will sleep peacfully knowing there is one less real monster in the world.



  1. Loved this! I'll definitely be looking forward to more. A monster even Monsters are afraid of.

    1. Thank you...I just thought that is how a were and a vamp would react to a real monster.

  2. Excellent, my favorite short so far Ked. How I wish there was a league of monster fighters such as these, our world would be a better place. I prefer the penalties of "were-justice" than life in a cushy cell block for these pervs.

    1. It has to be my favorite too... I would love to see a series of these myself... I am sure this is not the last we will hear of this duo.

  3. OK, this one is my favorite one yet!

    Well done!

  4. Very nice! I can't wait for the rest of your posts! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I hope you continue to enjoy them.

  5. Loved it! Such poetic justice! Oh, if only we could deal with the "real" monsters like this!


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