Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #21

*A woman is happily preparing some apples to bake into pies. She can't find the cinnamon and is diligently digging in the back of her cabinets to see if she has any, but alas she is out. Her doorbell rings as she finishes the futile search. Answering the door, she finds her next door neighbor. He is a very strange man that keeps to himself mostly, which she preferred because he gave her a general unsettling feeling. Whenever she notices him around the neighborhood, he always seems to be staring at her in a very odd manner.*

Baking woman: Well hello there. Can I help you?

Neighbor: I couldn’t help but notice from the smell coming from your kitchen that you are making pies. I could smell them from my back porch.

Baking woman: Oh? You could tell that from the smell?

Neighbor : Yes and I could tell you did not have enough cinnamon in them so I brought you some over.

Baking woman: Wow! You must have one super nose to detect that. Here, let me pay you for that. I insist.

*Not wishing to be rude she beckons for the man to enter into the living room. She hurries off to get her purse to pay for the cinnamon because she did not want to have a debt with this very odd fellow. She quickly returns to the living room to find the man looking though her movie collection.*

Baking woman: Here we go. Five dollars should cover it.

Neighbor: Thanks...... I hate to impose, but could I borrow this movie here?

Baking woman: Well, I was watching that last night and got too sleepy to finish it so I cut it off, but I suppose you can.

Neighbor: Oh I know, I was watching it with you and I was really into it.

Baking woman: What? How were you watching it with me?

Neighbor: I noticed you starting the movie so I sat down by your back window.

Baking woman: You were what? Why were you doing that?

Neighbor: I didn’t want to bother you and it looked like a good movie so I just pulled up a lawn chair outside your window and watched it ….. with you.

Baking woman: That is just creepy! You did not watch the movie with me! You sat outside my window and watched me watch a movie! I think that is over the line! You should not do that to people!

Neighbor: I am sorry, I truly am.

Baking woman: Being sorry is not ok! That just bothers me. You have no right to do that to me. That’s probably how you knew I was out of cinnamon, you were watching me bake! That is just as bad as sneaking in my house at night and watching me sleep! 

Neighbor: About that…You really should have a doctor check out that mole on your lower back……

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