Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Time for some Monster Moms!

   I wanted to wish all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. Especially my very own wicKED mom, to whom I owe everything. Thanks for taking care of me and raising me up to be the twisted, dark, Halloween loving creature I am today.

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I would do a picture post about all the monstrous mothers, mother-in-laws, and step-mothers out there. Hope all you mothers enjoy!

Possessed mother from "The Devil Inside"

Creepy mom from "Sleepwalkers"

Crazy political mom.

Damien's mother from "The Omen" 

Wicked Stepmother from "Once Upon a Time"

T-rex mom.

Mothra mother.
Mother from "The Exorcist" 

Mother Lovers

Blade's mother.

The babies momma "Rosemary's Baby"

Mother of all vampires from "Queen of the Damned"

"The Amityville Horror" original horror mother.

Grendel's mother from "Beowulf"

Echidna, the mother of all monsters from Greek Mythology

Zombie Apocalypse mother. "The Walking Dead"

Man Eating Mother 

"Poltergeist" mom swimming with a new friend.

"My Moms a Werewolf"

Mother of Jason Voorhees

Mother of Freddy Krueger

Reanimated mother from "Pet Sematary "

Ghost Mother

"The Ring"

Abby Borden. Step-mother of Lizzie Borden. 

Crazy next door neighbor mother "American Horror Story"

Norman Bates as his mother "Psycho"

Dog fighting mother from "Cujo"

Mutant mother Mystique "Xmen"

Eve, the mother of all monsters."Supernatural"

I'm not your mother... yet! "Fatal Attraction" 


Mrs Henderson from, "Harry and the Hendersons"

Lilly Munster "The Munsters"


Monstrous Mutant Alien Monster Baby Maker.

Ghostly mother "The Others"

Carrie's mother "Carrie" 

Norman Bates's actual mother "Psycho"

Sam and Dean Winchester's mother. "Supernatural"

Samantha and Endora, witchy mothers. "Bewitched"

Heeeeere's a mother! "The Shinning"

Me say Mom! Me say Mom o' "Beetlejuice"

The mother of John Connor "Terminator" 

Mother of Leather Face... or is it a mother with a leather face... hmmm

Creepy dead ghost mother "The Grudge"

The Alien Queen

Morticia Adams "The Adam's Family" 

Cinderella's evil step-mother. 


  1. That's a "Mother Load" LOL! Nice Mother inventory!

  2. Oh man the goofy mom that had all those kids that made me laugh.

  3. an excellent mother's day collection!!

  4. Hey you left out my mother..,well no more hangers was close


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