Monday, May 21, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #24

*Two lifelong friends are taking a much needed getaway in the Appalachia Mountains at a private cabin. They have told family and friends alike they are away on business so they will not be disturbed and they can truly be away from modern day issues like cell phones, TV, and politics. It's just past midnight and the friends are in a heated debate over life after death.*

Practical friend: You cannot make me believe there are such a thing as ghost, no matter how hard you try!

Believing friend: How can you say that? I have seen things with my own eyes that make me a believer. Have you seen things that make you certain they don’t exists?

Practical friend: There would be proof by now if there was such a thing. Modern science would have found a way to reveal them.

Believing friend: Not true. Animals, that scientist have thought dead for thousands of years , are discovered every day in remote parts of the world. Ghosts are so far removed from this world, they could not possibly know how to find them, but ghosts do exist.

Practical friend: Listen, I am a man deeply rooted in reality. I have studied almost every NCIS tv show and forensic science special known to man. With all the grizzly murders that happen every day, would you not think that the vengeful spirits would haunt those murderers? Especially those that get away with it?

Believing friend: Who's to say they don’t? Maybe these murders are haunted to the point of insanity by the ghosts, or the ghosts come back and “get them” that is why they are never found out by the police. Maybe the nature of a murderer makes them so evil that they cannot see a ghost at all.

Practical friend: That is completely preposterous!

Believing friend: Prove that I am wrong then!

*The unbelieving friend reached into his pocket and pulls out a small pistol. In the blink of an eye he squeezes off 5 shots into the chest of his friend. The mortally wounded man slumps out of his chair and onto the floor as he stares up at his murderer. Still holding the gun, the deadly friend gets on his knees and lowers his head down to the dying man’s ear, as if to wihisper.*

Practical friend: No my dear friend….you prove me wrong!..........I will be waiting.


  1. I love these sinister shorts!!! Tee hee!

  2. I'm on Team Ghostie! Go make your practical friend pay, Casper!!!


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