Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today is National Hug a Cat Day

 Get out there and hug your feline friends today.

Doesn't matter if they are big:

or small:

or tiny:

Just show your 4 legged friends the love!


  1. Already hugged one of my three today. Jazz had a run in with a large crow in the backyard while I was gardening. We were both dive bombed a few times but she managed to crash through the cat door and into the safety of the house while I fought off the winged evil one. She has not left my side since the incident and has needed multiple cuddles, she seems to have a case of post crowmatic stress disorder:)

  2. I missed this post as Jake had to be at dr yesterday but I plan on hugging the crap out of both of mine when I get home today!!!

  3. I wish I still had a kitty. My son has asthma and my landlord's haven't allowed them; they have so much personality! Give them a hug for me:)

  4. Sorry for late reply, its been hectic, our maine coon Chip looks just like your little kit that is hugging the barbells just furrier. Chip will lay on his back legs open and all, we call it " doing the Burt Reynolds ( from the 70's were Burt posed in playgirl)", just like your kitty but without the barbells. Definitely hugged the cats everyday, great post!


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