Friday, May 4, 2012

Freaky Friday Monster Mashup. (May Monster Madness Day 4)

   Lots going on this weeKEnD such as, Free Comic Books Day, Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), Cinco de Mayo, and the May Monster Madness Weekend! Everybody get out and have a wicKED time! To start the weeKEnD off right, here's some funny Monster Madness. Enjoy!

American Gothic Monsters

Crazy Tanned Leather Face Monster
These monsters are Nuts!
Monster meal
Monster of a nightmare
Man eating monster
Star Wars trash compactor monster (Dianoga)
Confused monster makeup
Monster rap video
Cuthustien's Monster
Monster Banana attack
Horny Monkey Monster!
My Little Monster Pony
Mindless Monsters
Monster Island
Monstrous Toddlerpede
Mad Cookie Monster
Mirthful Monster
Fame Monster
Little Monsters
Monster House

Monster's Ball

Monster Ball

Monster Balls
Monster Brawl
Lame Monster
Monster X
Monster Inc.
Monsters vs Aliens
Monster girl from "The Ring" on vacation.
Munster Monsters
Monster Mash
Monster Masher
Traffic Barrel Monster
Monster Truck
Monster Smart Car
Monster Time Machine
Monster Motorcycle
Monster Bike
Monster Shop
Monster of a sale!
Monster proof house
Sexy Monsters.
Monster trap!
Monster melons. (also the monster responsible for over 4 million male deaths)
Monstrous Epic Fail Tattoo. 
Zombie-evolution or "The making of a Monster"

Monster Thickburger

Monster Sandwich
Morning Monster
Monster catch!
Bounty Hunter Eating Monster.
Monster Fish!
Butt Monster
Theron Monster
Monster Drink
Pet Monster
Monster Lisa
Making Monsters
Marshmallow Monster
Monster Squad


  1. Monster Melons! Making Monsters! LOLOLOLOL! You're a Goob!

  2. Effing hilarious!! Loved it!

  3. Wow, the most comprehensive monster guide on the net! I dare ya to put a
    "Making Monsters" prop on your front lawn this year, I double dare ya;)

    1. Oh thats going to make the neighbors happy! LOL! Bet you'll be in the newspaper again this year!

  4. Nothing is scarier than that woman with the "tan"! Shudder!

    1. I know right? She actually said she was more beautiful than anybody else and they were jealous of her tan.. Sheesh! She looks like Mrs Hanky from Southpark.

  5. The Monster Meal kinda looks like Beetlejuice! :D

    1. Indeed it did... I'm not gonna eat it ;)

  6. Nice roundup of monsters. The tanned leatherface mom is the scarist because she is real and she doesn't even realize how grotesque she looks. Not even Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre would would rather go commando than use her face.


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