Friday, May 11, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #19

*Two brothers and a sister find themselves ripped from their home and confined in a very strange and alien place. A square room with 4 smooth walls and an open ceiling that is much too high to climb or jump to. The floor is layered in a strange, almost fuzzy covering that makes it very difficult to walk on. *

Little sister: What are we going to do? Where is mother? What do you think they did with her? 

Little brother: I have never seen anything like this place. Where are we?

Big brother: I have no idea guys but I plan on finding out. WHAT IS THAT? LOOK!

*As the three siblings watch in horror, a giant being with long hairless arms reaches into the square enclosure they have been confined to. They all scream in terror but the impossibly large alien being is unrelenting as it snatches up their sister and lifts her up and out of the enclosure.*


Big brother: I don’t know, but I bet that creature had something to do with mother missing. They just better not hurt our sister or they will pay.

*After a few minutes, the giant creature returns with their sister in tow, it's massive hand like appendage almost completely engulfing her. The enormous being plops her down unceremoniously and she runs to the protection of her siblings. The creature is not finished as it leans it freakishly large head over and smiles showing rows of giant white teeth. It grabs up the smaller brother and hauls him up and away as he screams out in horror.*

Big brother: Are you ok? Did they hurt you?

Little sister: It was horrible! There were two of those giant things out there. They examined me all over and spoke in a strange language. One of them forced some really nasty yellow stuff down my throat with a tube thing and then they tried to make me drink from a strange object that smelled really funny. I just kept my mouth shut tight and they gave up and brought me back.

Big brother: Did you see mother?

Little sister: No but I am sure they have done something with her. Oh what will we do?

*The towering creature returns a few minutes later and drops the smaller brother back into the enclosure. It quickly snatches up the larger of the two male siblings. Despite his best efforts to escape the huge hand, even going so far as to bite down on it, the large creature whisks him up and away.*

Little sister: Are you ok?

Little brother : Yes, but what do they want from us? Why are we here? Why do they make us drink that horrible yellow stuff and examine us all over like that?

Little sister: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I just hope this ends soon. I am so scared!

*A few minutes later, the giant returns to loom over the square confined space. The massive hand returns the missing sibling. The giant head leans close and examines them all with eyes as large as their head. After it completes it's visual inspection the head zooms up and out of sight.*

Little brother: Are you ok?

Big brother: Yeah I am fine. They examined me all over, even looked in my ears and mouth. They made me drink nasty yellow stuff too. I honestly don’t think they mean us harm. Despite being so big, they were surprisingly gentle with me. One of the even hugged me up and patted my head like it was trying to calm me down. This has been a very strange day. If we stick together, I think we will make it through this ok.

*The three siblings huddle together and try to catch some sleep before the immensely huge creatures return and perform more confusing experiments on them.*

Giant creature 1: I feel bad for them. They are scared to death!

Giant creature 2: Yeah me too. Poor things. I hate that their mother was run over by a truck. Luckily somebody brought them here so we could at least try and give them a fighting chance at survival. I wonder what those poor little guys think about this whole thing?


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