Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #16 (May Monster Madness Day 5)

*A young man arrives at an out of the way villa in Vermont. The villa is luxurious but is decorated with strange vine and twig decorations. While the nature decorations are odd, it is strangely beautiful. He approaches the front desk and is quickly welcomed by an older man in glasses.*

Older man: Welcome to our Villa. Are you the guest that won the free weekend pass?

Young man: I am! I can’t believe how nice this place is. I never win anything.

Older man : We are honored to have you here, just in time for a great celebration.

Young man: Oh? What celebration? Is that what these decorations are for?

Older man: Yes that is why we are decorating. You see, there is an ancient legend of an old and powerful creature that was supposed to live in the woods surrounding the villa. Some called it a witch, others called it a nature spirit. Those that would offer the right gifts were blessed with wealth and long life. Every year in the spring, we throw a celebration in honor of those old customs. In truth, it is just a marketing campaign and another reason to throw a party. The owner of this Villa, who lives up in New York, comes up with all these contest based around the customs of his ancestors. He is a real stickler for maintaining tradition.

*The older man takes the guests luggage and beckons for him to follow as he continues.*

Older man: There were 5 winners this year, but I fear you were the only one to show up. Just as well, we can give you our undivided attention as the guest of honor.

Young man: Wow, I can’t believe my good fortune. I just though I won a weekend getaway and five thousand dollars, but now all this! At first, I thought it was a gimmick but I took a risk.

Older man: Fortune favors the bold, that is for sure.

Young man: I even did some research on this area. I heard about this “witch” creature you spoke of, but it did not sound very nice… nowhere near nice enough to throw a celebration for at any rate.

Older man: Oh? What did you hear about this, “witch”?

*The two continue to a large doorway. The older man opens the door with a large iron key from around his neck, a shadowy set of steps descended from the doorway leading down.*

Young man: Just the usual things you could expect from a witch like being. It was horrible, evil, nasty, vile…. The book I read said it held those in the region in a thrall of terror. That the early settlers would offer sacrifices to it so that it would leave them in peace. My research went so far as to reveal that this awful being would eat the heart from its victims which would grant it an entire year of youthful appearance and health.

Older man: I had heard those same stories, but I fear that would fail to attract guests. My apologies for sugar coating the true nature of this celebration. I assure you, we only do it because of custom. Please follow me into the basement where I have a surprise waiting for you.

Young man: Great! I love surprises!

*The duo continues till the reach a large iron cage. In the center of the cage is a chest.*

Young man: So…. I have to ask you… was this all a clever ploy to get me to come down here so you could sacrifice me to this witch?

Older man: Heavens no! This is where I keep the petty cash locked up. It is archaic but effective. This is another of the owner s eccentric taste I fear. All valuable must be kept in this cage in the basement.

*He continues to speak as he unlocks the cage and heads for the chest.*

Older man: Nobody in these parts would ever perform such horrid crimes against humanity if such a foul witch ever existed. We simply go through the motions of the celebration like our ancestors did. If there ever was a witch, she can rot in hell because we won’t sacrifice for her miserable life.

Young man: I was afraid you were going to say that.

*Quick as lightening the young man whips out a very old hand sickle and with two quick strokes, hamstrings the older man. He collapses to the floor, unable to walk.

Older man: Wh…what….what are you doing? Are you mad?

Young man: Not mad, just hungry. You see I am the “witch” told in your legends, but I guess you could say more of a warlock in truth, though both description fail to define me. I am also the owner of this villa. Since your kind refuses to give me sacrifices, I must take what I need to live. The only catch is the “offering” must come willingly to this chamber for the ritual to work. I thank you for bringing me down here of your own accord. Now, if you wouldn’t mind holding still. This is a new shirt and I don’t want you thrashing about and getting blood all over it as I eat your still beating heart.


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