Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #15 (May Monster Madness Day 3)

*A small boy sits at a kitchen table littered with post birthday decorations and half eaten birthday cake. His mother is washing dishes and attempting to clean up some of the mess as the clock on the wall strikes 10pm.*

Cleaning mother: So, did you have a good birthday party?

Small boy: Yes momma. It was really good, especially the clown! He did all kinds of magic tricks!

Cleaning mother: He was something alright. He seemed a little creepy at first but…. Oh well, I'm glad you liked him.

Small boy: Mom… what does “eviscerate” mean?

Cleaning mother: What an odd question. That means to gut something ….disembowel it, like cleaning a fish. Where on earth did you hear that word?

Small boy: The clown said it.

Cleaning mother: The clown? Why in the world would he say that to you? What exactly did he say to you?

Small boy: He said he was going to come back tonight and ......“eviscerate” you and daddy.

Cleaning mother: Oh my God! What a horrible man to say such things to a child! He was creepy anyhow and he smelled bad. He was a terrible clown.

Small boy: You really shouldn't say such bad things about the clown momma.

Cleaning mother: Oh? Why's that?

Small boy: Because he's standing right behind you…..

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  1. LOL! I gotta take up a collection and get you some therapy Ked! JK
    Nice job as usual!


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