Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #23

*A frustrated father slams the bedroom door of his twelve year old daughter as he leaves her room. The daughter can still be heard crying softly as he returns to his bedroom and his waiting wife, who is already in bed. He starts pacing back and forth as he vents to his wife.*

Frustrated father: I’m telling you this whole “scary ghost woman” thing has to stop. Every night it is the same thing. She sees her outside her window or outside her door and she threatens to take her soul and hurt her parents! It’s very frustrating! Our daughter is going to be the death of me.

Consoling mother: I’m sorry honey. I am sure she will grow out of it soon.

Frustrated father: Not soon enough. She is already too old for this kind of thing!

Consoling mother: Just be patient dear.

Frustrated father: This has gone on every night since we moved into this place. Over two months now!

Consoling mother: Honey…..I need to ask you some questions….. and I want you to answer me very calmly. Just stand perfectly still, look at me, and answer me in a very normal tone……. Ok?

Frustrated father: Ok? I guess.

Consoling mother: Good….. now…..did she ever mention to you…..what this…ghost woman…..looked like exactly?

Frustrated father: Yeah all the time why?

Consoling mother: Did the woman she see……have crazy looking eyes….each a different color?

Frustrated father: Yes she did mention that.

Consoling mother: Did….this….woman have….sores on her face?

Frustrated father: Oh yes, she always mentions that.

Consoling mother: Would she ……happen to have…..crooked yellow teeth and scraggly, greasy hair?

Frustrated father: Dear lord honey, you have just described the “scary ghost woman” our daughter has been seeing every night. Do you know somebody like that?

Consoling mother: ……No…….

Frustrated father: Then how did you know what she looks like?

Consoling mother: Because she is sneaking up on you from the hallway right now!

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