Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fact or Faked brings you the latest paranormal news from 5 years ago!

    In the latest Episode of Fact or Faked (Season 2 - Episode 218) Reptile Rampage/Gasoline Ghoul, the team brings you evidence that first surfaced back in 2007. Both of these bits of evidence have been debunked by professional and amateur investigators alike...all of them doing a better job, in my opinion. Just Google, "Gas station ghost" and "Lizardman" and you will find endless videos debunking the hell out of this 5 year old evidence.
    The History Channel's Monsterquest did episodes on both of these reports (strangely enough). These superb episodes used DNA analysis and video experts to assist with the investigation without dressing up in any costumes. Here are those videos now:

   At this point I have to ask the question, Does the research team at Fact or Faked think that nobody ever watches the History Channel or that the viewers are so clueless that they will forget this has already been done?  At this point we could rename "Fact or Faked" to "Recent or Rerun" due to the fact they simply are just showing us poorly compiled copies of Monsterquest shows. 
   What seems even more awful to me is that SyFy's own Destination truth did the exact same investigation on the exact same lizard evidence in 2010. Link HERE.

   They are even ripping off/recycling their own shows! I am sad to say that I only watch Fact or Faked to see what they screw up next instead of the truly great TV show it promised it could be. 

   Tune in next week for Fact or Faked where the team will be investigating evidence of an alien race of robots that can literary hide among us as ordinary looking items:

Then the team will head out to Rhode Island where they will try to debunk the existence of an ancient vampire that supposedly lived in a great mansion there back in the 70's:


  1. I can't watch Fact or Faked anymore. The Faked is coming from them.

  2. Replies
    1. You said it. It bothers me to see a commercial for the series as they label it as, "An original series".

  3. My hubby and I really enjoyed this show when it first launched but along the way the episodes have become recycled bits that frankly are an insult to the viewing audience. With the team of "experts" they have on this show the quality should be much better but the results have been disappointing.
    Jessica hit the nail on the head!

    1. There is so much stuff out there to investigate....why on earth would they pull out reruns and investigate them? Go figure!


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