Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wicked Woods Cemetery Yard Haunt of 2011

   Below are some of the highlights of the yard haunt. It was a very cold, windless night and it did keep a lot of kids away. The conditions were perfect for the fog machine, it worked beautifully :

There were a few familiar faces at the entrance to the cemetery.
What he lacks in authenticity, he makes up for in menacing presence. 

That is a long dark walk up those steps to a porch filled with menacing dark figures.  Miranda and my mother had to bring some treats down to the kiddies as they would not risk the journey.

He doesn't bite... but he does scratch!

This is where I stood last year dressed as The Grim Reaper. Many of the returning parents thought this was me instead of the zombie standing every so still in the cemetery waiting for them to walk out.
I had a lot of comments on the mourning skeleton.

Wisps? Orbs?
My timer fizzled so I had to manually operate the chiller... it still worked beautifully. 
Me in all my undead glory. I have never seen so many parents afraid of my costumer as this year. I had several stop a block away and send the kids down alone. Not to mention all the vehicles that slowed, but never stopped.

   The rest of the Wicked Woods Cemetery Yard Haunt photos can be found on this page HERE.

  I had a slight mishap with my video camera and some of the footage was damaged. I am in the process of recovering it so it may be a day or so before I can show it. Till then, here is a saved snippet of the only recorded zombie attack in the cemetery that night :


  1. Absolutely amazing!! If I were a trick or treater I'd have to gather a fair bit of courage to get up those stairs for a wee treat. I can feel the atmosphere just looking at the pics. Great job!

  2. This yard looks GREAT! I would love to do a yard haunt but we only had 2 TOTs this year, which is an improvement, last year we had 0.

  3. Very nice! I had 2 little ones get all excited running thru my cemetery looking at stuff. I bet they wouldn't at yours!

    I truly love the LEDs & fog! The colors are amazing.

  4. Wow! Thats all I can think of to say. It's like a tutorial for yard haunting...which I think I can get many pointers from.
    Thanks for the eye candy Wicked!

  5. What a great haunt. I love the mourning skeleton!

  6. Great display and photos! Add me to the positive comments on the mourning skeleton. I'll be stealing er... borrowing on that idea next year! Very creepy!

  7. Great lookin haunt. Yea, the mourning skeleton is really eerie.

  8. Wow! You really know how to light a graveyard and work that fog! The shovel was a nice touch, as was that coffin. Did you build that? I loved the orange light coming from inside the coffin.

    Yeah, I wonder why those kids wouldn't stop at your house? hahaha After seeing that video of you staggering about, I might be afraid to approach your house too!

  9. This is absolutely FABULOUS! I love it esp. the green lights and fog!

  10. Beautiful and scary, like a flower with fangs! Love the green light, very ghoulish.

  11. Totally beyond wonderful! I just loved that mourning skeleton.

    I would have to have this out year round in my yard!!!

  12. art bliss - thank you! That means a lot to me. We always give out the best treats because if they are brave enough to knock, the deserve it.

    Kelly - Thank you for the compliment I hate to hear that about your turn out. Maybe you could have one at a friend or family member locally that gets more TOTS or just really advertise it!

    Lisa - Last year I had a bunch run through my stuff, this year nobody dared step foot into the fog and get near me. As to the LED and lighting, I full quarter of my total yard haunt budget went into them this year.

    The October Boy - Thanks a lot buddy! I really appreciate it!

    GoneferalinID - Thank you! Everybody went crazy over the mourning skele. Truth be told she was a last minute addition to fill in a gap. I will post about how soon.

    Mark - I really appreciate it. Steal away. I will be doing a post about her and you will kick yourself when you find out what dumb luck brought her about.

    Mantan - Thanks buddy. You won't believe the story behind her accidental creation.

    Justine - The two larger coffins were built by hand. The one that was partially buried was from Walmart over 6 years ago. It is collapsible and kinda flimsy. I retired it to the trash but retrieved it and cut it to be a ground breaking coffin. The shovel is a 70 year old antique from my great grandfather. If you could have seen the parents run up the street and leave their kids you would have laughed.

    Bewitchy - Thank you! Those were my favorite elements.

    Scared - LOL love the analogy. Thank you for the compliment!

    LuLu - Thank you very much! I would leave it out but it would clash with M's Christmas decorations. ;)


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