Monday, November 7, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Creepmas!

   I noticed many of my fellow Halloween bloggers were all joining up for the 13 Days of Creepmas. Seems that Chad Savage over at the has started a 13 day countdown, much like the countdown to Halloween many of us participated in. Blog author's are signing up to post spooky, creepy, or scary Christmas content from December 1-13th. Here is what is posted on the site about participating or following in this event :
How to Participate In CREEPMAS!
Participation in The 13 Days of Creepmas is easy! Following the methodology of the Countdown to Halloween, The 13 Days of Creepmas is open to any blog that posts spooky content from December 1 - 13. While the primary focus is on permuted and subverted holiday imagery and traditions (i.e., giving Christmas the Jack Skellington treatment), Creepers (blogs who sign up) are welcome to post *any* spooky material to qualify as participants. The main thing is to bring that Halloween Spirit into the first 2 weeks of December, just as every store in America has brought Christmas into October.
If you'd like to add your blog to the festivities, either leave a comment or tweet the Cult of the Great Pumpkin (they're helping us out with this) with your blog link. Easy peasy! See the previous post for web graphics/code to add to your blog.
The usual disclaimers apply: No porn, no hate, no idiocy. This is about how YOU are getting creepily creative for the Hallowdays, not how you can ruin it for somebody else. Any blogs found to be engaging in or promoting sabotage, vandalism, etc. will be removed.

   Now before anybody grabs a soap box and feels like preaching, let me make a few things crystal clear. This is in no way to put down, blasphemy, or ruin Christmas. This is simply a fun little run on a blending of Holiday. Many Halloween enthusiast complained about seeing Christmas products in stores weeks before any Halloween merchandise(myself included). Actions like that just prove the point of how commercialized Christmas is becoming when we cannot enjoy our Holidays as separate entities. This is a subtle way for us to get our revenge by creeping Halloween into Christmas. Much like this cartoons that are making their rounds on the finer blogs out there :

   Anybody that knows me knows that I love celebrating all Holidays and I go overboard on Christmas just the same as my Halloween. So before you feel like pointing a finger and gasping in shock, save yourself some trouble and stuff your stockings with coal.
   It looks like it is really taking off for Creepmas with some of my favorite blog author's signing up for some Hybrid Holiday fun. If you want to know more about this fun event, I encourage all my readers to head over and sign up or get the list of who will be participating in this fun event.
   I am still thinking about what I will be doing to participate in Creepmas. I am sure that my Jason prop will be over joyed to help me hang Christmas lights on the house and the bucky that sleeps in the guest bathroom would look handsome in a Santa hat and Christmas sweater. Since I am old school Creepmas, I am sure I will have no trouble coming up with good posts :

My Halloween costume for our first big party back in the mid 90's

   I hope you will join in the fun. Merry Creepmas!


  1. I prefer to call it Haintsgiving.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word! I can't wait to see what people will come up with for our new Hallowday.

  3. Very well put! I have been getting some push back. People need to remember its all for fun! So have fun I know I cant wait to see what you post. Have fun.


    I want to do my part to bring Krampuslauf to the Americas this year.

    Christmas is really it's own dark holiday, if you know how. Heh heh.

  5. Glad the word is getting out about this awesome event!

    Thrilled you are participating!

  6. I saw this the other day and thought of you. Glad you found. I meant to tell you about but got a little busy. Happy Creepmas!


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