Thursday, November 17, 2011

Even in winters brown grip of death, Autumn shines through.

   It is very cold today, and our dreary rain has turned into snow flurries. As I was leaving the house, I noticed that the wind had whipped all sorts of leaves into the pond.

   Even though the early frosts have long since killed the ferns, frog grass, and hostas around the pond, some of the lily pads hang on just beneath the surface. The leaves get blown in and trapped on the mirror like surface of the lower pool. I just thought that was a great picture of Fall still hanging around defiantly in the death grip of winter.

   As I mentioned, we did get some snow today. It actually stuck on some of the higher mountain tops for a while :

   I was surprised at the amount of Christmas Decorations up all over town. I really do love all holidays, and when the time comes for M and I to take pictures of some wicKED decorations, there will be no end of them. Till then, I will be taking my holidays in order and one at a time. It has always been my personal tradition to put the tree up on Thanksgiving night. Then, when all the crazy women folk are off to do battle in the Black Friday Arena of Death, I put out the outside decorations. Then, I go back in and have me some Turkey Day leftovers. It's a tradition I will carry on for as long as I walk this earth.


  1. They was playing Christmas music at Gross Out today. Not even de good stuff, but "Holly Jolly Christmas" and it gave me the blues somefing terrible.

    I do miss the orange and brown Thanksgivingness I remember from being a kid. Pilgrims and Indians, and turkeys and such like.

    No, they just don't know the good things. I'm fond of saying that the old-money rich: they don't have no grasp of aesthetics, and they corruptin' the working classes who knows a good thing when they sees it.

    Come Christmas time, I'll be ghetto-blasting "Vargtimmen" and the "Abbott's Bromley Horn Dance" (even though that's for September) all over the place, and they wont know what then.

  2. I allowed my daughter to listen to one Christmas song on the radio today - only because we had a few brief snow dumps today. And I happen to like the Boss' 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'. Then it had to go.

    Yup - Thanksgiving first! I'm looking forward to it because the girl & I are both going to be in the halftime show during the Lions game!

  3. Yeah, I'll be one of those women folk out there braving the mall. :) It sounds like you have a much more peaceful tradition for yourself!

  4. What a lovely little waterfall and pond! And the photos of the leaves in the water are beautiful!! As are the photos of the snow! :0)
    Christmas was being ushered in here before the skeletons of Halloween even had a chance to rattle their bones one last time! Such a shame. And one house we took the Grandkids to trick-or-treat at had Xmas lights/decorations mixed in with the Halloween ones....and it wasn't even done in a Burtonesque style!

  5. Ha! I love the Thanksgiving vs Christmas cartoons that are around.


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